Accelerated Nursing Program – All That You Need To Know

Is Accelerated Nursing Program for You?

Getting started

You need to know some of the preliminary facts about accelerated nursing program before you proceed further. As the name indicates, these programs cater the needs of the interested candidates who wish to enter nursing field but quicker than the routine time frame. It should never be misinterpreted that all the online nursing programs are accelerated or that all the accelerated nursing programs will be available online; thus it demands you to clearly verify the authenticity and pattern of the program before signing up.

Who can do Accelerated Nursing Program?

The interested candidates must have completed their Bachelor degree in any field if they wish to apply for the accelerated nursing program. The advanced degrees are suitable for nurses who have an Associate’s Degree and there are options to earn both bachelors and Master’s Degree simultaneously. The candidates with impressively high number of credit hours can also apply for these registered nursing programs.

But there are cases where some of the accelerated nursing programs accept only applicants holding credits in science or Biology courses. Some of the other pre-requisite courses are Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Psychology, Statistics, Human Growth and Development, Nutrition, or Ethics. You have to remember that these eligibility criteria will vary from one nursing school/university to another.                         

Other factors to be considered before enrolling

If you are eligible to attend the accelerated nursing program offered in many registered nursing schools and universities, you have to understand the requisites of these programs apart from the educational qualifications. Most of these accelerated programs are very rigorous as the intensity of the curriculum is quite high to complete the course in a shorter time frame. The normal 3 years nursing program is completed within 11-13 months in most of the accelerated nursing programs. So it goes without saying that the work load will be high and students hardly get any break between different class sessions. So it is essential that you are mentally prepared to handle this short-term fully-packed life style.

Finding your Accelerated Nursing Program

Degrees offered

Basically, the degrees offered in registered accelerated nursing program are BSN or the bachelor’s of science in nursing and MSN or master’s of science in nursing. BSN can be completed in a time span of 11 to 18 months while the accelerated MSN programs will require dedicated 3 years. You have to understand that the curriculum will not be the same in all accelerated nursing degrees as it may range from classroom-based courses to supervised clinical practices for learning about various healthcare settings.

Where to look for?

It is always a good idea to get started with the local nursing schools as most of them offer appreciable accelerated nursing program. Another viable option is to get all the relevant details from American Association of Colleges of Nursing where you can check the updated information.

Signing up for the suitable program

In some of the registered nursing schools/universities, you would require 3.0 or higher GPA to apply for the online or accelerated nursing program. You may also need strong educational or work references and should clear personal interviews in order to emphasis your true motivation for nursing and upstanding character. You have to remember that there are more than hundreds of registered nursing programs, so you have to explore sufficiently before you zero on the suitable ones.

Verify before signing up

It may take some time to go through the ocean of information, available both online and offline, about the different accelerated nursing programs but it is worth the efforts. Make sure that the nursing program’s curriculum you choose includes the basics of health assessment, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, and biology, apart from training/practical courses in caring for patients in medical centers and hospitals under the professional supervision.

What after Accelerated Nursing Program?

After the completion of your BSN, you can take up the national exam NCLEX-RN for earning the state-specific licensure to begin your entry-level practice as a registered nurse (RN). You can take up NCLEX-RN after your MSN degree and proceed further as nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, nurse midwife, clinical nurse specialist, and to other advanced nursing practice roles.

Scope for accelerated nursing program

You can be confident that you are not wasting your money, knowledge, and time on a program with marginal scope. There are several surveys and reports which underline the undying need for qualified nurses as there has been a forecast of significant shortage in professional working hands in near future. Apart from this factor, it is an undeniable fact that Healthcare industries are one of the blessed ones which are totally unaffected by economic slowdowns and are highly stable in all countries. Nonetheless, accelerated nursing program is the best choice for a prominent and successful nursing career.

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