Nursing 101: Preparing for Your First Internship

If you are training to be a nurse, or are planning on pursuing a nursing degree, then you most likely know that at some point, you will have to participate in an internship program. That is because in order to receive your nursing credentials, you must have a certain number of hands-on, work-related experience hours under your belt. Most likely, this training will take place in a busy hospital, and will really keep you on your toes. How do you prepare for this new experience? Here is a guide to preparing for your first internship:

Getting through the interview. Before you can even begin your internship, you must first sit through an interview. First you’ll want to make sure you have a reliable form of transportation. If you don’t, start thinking about looking at we buy any car sites or places that offer to help you sell your car so that you can find a way to and from your interview and, of course, your daily internship. Then start to familiarize yourself with the most common interview questions, and practice (not memorize) your answers. You can find common nursing internship interview questions online. Remember that an interview for an internship will not be too in-depth (as you are not expected to have experience), so the information you cover should be pretty basic, and not too much cause for stress.

Calming the nerves. There are things you can do to ease your jitters before you start your first internship. Perhaps the most important (and the most effective) thing you can do it to begin preparing for the internship way ahead of time. Also do some meditation or visualization exercises: go to a quiet place where you can relax, do some deep breaths, close your eyes and envision yourself going to your internship and doing very well. You could even check for updates on your portfolio if it makes you happy and calm. Doing your best to “see” your future success with your inner eye can go a long way toward mentally preparing you for the real thing.

Studying for the big day. Although you won’t be expected to walk into your first internship and know exactly what you are doing, you should definitely at least know your stuff when it comes to the material you learned in class. Make it a point to brush up on all the materials from your previous training, so that you can reference that knowledge during the internship in order to make those important connections that will lead to your success (and comfort) with the internship.

The great thing about serving an internship is that you get to see nurses at work in a variety of hospital environments and specialties, and that gives you the opportunity to see first-hand what will be expected of you – and also what department you, yourself, might be interested in someday working in. Therefore, you should approach your internship with a positive attitude and an open mind, and only after studying these preparation tips.

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