Quick Look at Surgical Technologist Salary

Although where you work, how much you work, and how long you have been in the field will all have an impact on your Surgical Technologist salary, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are making career decisions. You can have a well-paying career in this field, and a Surgical Technologist salary can logically be expected to increase as your tenure and experience grow. The field of Surgical Technology is expected to experience dramatic growth over the next few years, so your job is likely to be secure.

According to http://www1.salary.com, the average salary for someone in this industry will be $39,819 a year. However, because that’s the average salary, that is probably not what you would make at your first job, straight out of college. You should expect to “work your way up” to that salary. Instead, you can expect to make something close to the lower end of the scale, which they report at being approximately $33,167 dollars annually. It might be nice to know that if you stay in this field, and love it as much as most of us seem to, you might make as much as $47,812 as your annual salary.

Your salary, of course, is being quoted before taxes, insurances and deductions, as well as any other charges that you elect to have taken out of your paycheck. You will also see that, if you are permitted and choose to work overtime, you not only will see the extra money in a paycheck, but you might be considered for positions in the future that allow for greater responsibility and higher pay. The amount of hard work and attention to detail that you show at work will allow you to progress more quickly into the ranks of experienced Surgical Technologists.

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