12 Gateways to Medical School Admission

The Gateway to Medical School admissions are open in the beginning of May each year, when AMCAS are called for submission by the Medical Schools from the candidates claiming their eligibility for admission for the next academic session. The eligible students are keen to know what generally the students are doing under wrong notions and what has to be done in the right manner.

The AMCAS is a nutshell of quiz centered around short questions and answers with objective and subjective mysteries, designed to short list out of the crowd select few, who they feel should further submit the secondaries so that the picture about candidate’s status regarding Intelligence Quotient, Seriousness in the studies and how well he can fit in the studies and his prospects to be successful after the studies.

Following are the highly practical tips with the help of which the student entering through the process of Gateway of Medical Schools shall be finding highly useful in improvement of prospects of tiding successfully through secondaries and interview stages and onward to final selection in getting admission to the medical school:

1. Submitting Application early:

There is a very pertinent saying in this respect “An early bird catches the worm” same thing is true about submitting of the applications early for admission to the medical schools. Even in spite students desire and sole objective still most of the students ignore the established advice and include them selves in the category of late performers. Early submission of application is one part another equally important action is see that the reference required are also properly framed and got submitted by the person one is supposed to give reference.

2. Early MCAT Exam Clearance:

Letter “E” means Early and Everywhere. These are very common and proven facts and are easily ignored time and again. It is a fact the review of the application shall not meet success as long as the status of MCAT scoring remains pending. It is needless to say early submission of application must be accompanied by early clearance of MCAT with a good scoring.

3. It is not a Play Ground for Practice:

Do not treat medical school like a play ground, where one can run many times to improve upon past scores. Here the first AMCAS application is the basis of your future outcome in medical school admission. The more number of time one applies has it’s roots of discouragements established for future reference. So jump in the arena with 100 % readiness, perfection and confidence. Apparently there is no stigma of making a reapplication, but the more number of times one applies stands poor chance for selection. To be successful one has to analyze one’s strengths and weaknesses and look for the accomplishments achieved. Based on the finding one should improve upon the weakness and ensure that they do not in any way get reflected in the AMCAS and secondaries submissions. There should be lot of mention about the strengths and achievements in AMCAS and secondaries.

4. Keep the Limitations Away:

I am reminded of a saying “if the wishes were horses, beggars would ride” it is true in a great measure do not base your AMCAS solely on your wishes keep away the limitations, which narrow down the chances of selection. Broad base the choice of medicals schools to apply in respect of geographical locations as well as natural mixture of top and medium categories around 15 in number neither less nor more.  Take a cue from the nature for success of pollination and better reach the attempt producing pollens in great numbers as well as ignoring near distances by selection of mediums like insects, animals and wind for better success.  A wrong practice of restricting to top few schools only one sets limitations to one’s selection and success.

5. One’s Story Says More than All the Statements:

One has to rediscover the good experiences and achievements and knit a story of self, which should be incorporated in the AMCAS and Secondaries consistently. Take your time to discover the self strengths of hobbies, interests, proficiency etc. in you and create an effective and impulsive story, which is to be kept in mind always do not state something, which you can not substantiate if cornered in an interview.

6. Truthful Self Depiction in AMCAS:

Against each entry instead of writing briefly one should write true facts supported with explanation, where ever necessary in the activities section, there is adequate space of 1325 characters, which need to be utilized to the best. By giving this much space the school looks for precise information from you. Less and wrong information both go against the interest of the candidate. If one just wants to go through, no problem if one finds interesting information there is good chance that application shall be considered for selection, which is the real objective.

7. Avoid Regurgitation:

It is advisable that the information already stated in the AMCAS should not be repeated in the personal statement, because it is most irritating to the reader. Make a ready a long list of your plus features, which can be included in the space, where ever there is an occasion to write a description. Always write all the information with newness and fresh. Every person has many things to write, but they shirk away from writing. They need the support of a knowledgeable person, whom they can narrate their experiences, which can be reworded with a punch and excitement. One can write about the daily challenges in life and how one has overcome. One can write about ones interests present and future, an account of the hobbies keeping one self busy in activities.

8. Writing Essays for Secondaries Caring for Time:

If one knows early and correctly finishing the essay writing job brings positive results in selection in medical school admissions, then what is the hitch in staying back causing delay and damage to self.

One should consider the following areas in one’s life and start writing the secondaries by just elaboration of the self experiences alone which makes an honest and effective secondary for submission:

What for and why one is passionate about medical school admission. Are there some your own successful experiences, why not share in your success or read success stories and borrow from them the idea for a write up. There would be some experiences in personal life or educational pursuits they are suitable for a good write up. Personal goals are another area for a good write up, if one does not have written and reasonable goals, chances of their achievement are very bleak. It is time to write a goal, it shall be a good material for secondaries.

9. Practicing Interview:

Practice makes a man perfect is a time honored statement one learns in childhood, now only thing is to really practice before some one or why not before a mirror or why not record the voice also and replay to see with how much confidence you are speaking. There are some things to be spoken with low tone, whereas one has to comfortable change the tone where required.

10. Sell yourself at the Interview:

The interview is a rare step to success not offered to every one, when one has got an invitation for an interview, one should be ready to grab the opportunity by stating what has been mentioned in the AMCAS and secondaries maintaining consistency and positive balance in the frame of mind and speak frankly with confidence. For a moment one should exhibit do or die attitude considering this is the first and last interview. There is no room for laxity at crucial moment like interview.

11. Getting Professional Guidance:

Appearing at an interview successfully is one’s own natural way which one can express and describe what one is or how one can do any activity? Still if one finds difficult to convince oneself about self confidence, then help is required at this stage when all other barriers have been crossed one can take professional guidance.

12. Be focused on Objective and Display Honesty:

In case by the end of interview phase if one’s status is of wait listing or no interview, there is nothing to curse about what has happened. Rather it is the time to review and take stock of the situation. Find out the wrong events taken place and how they can be avoided in future. This is how man has differentiated from other animals in it’s journey from living in caves, wandering to hunt for food and has succeeded in living in modern mansions created new options for getting food and traveling in supersonic flights and space voyages. Man has not left wandering it is only the ways and destinations have changed.

If man has conquered the lands, ocean, space and beyond one can very successfully make a move to medical school admission by wining all the intermediary stages. I am again reminded of a saying “Where there is a will there is a way.”

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