15 Best Places to get CNA training

Sourcing information at one place in respect of 15 best places to get cna training is very desirable feature one looks for. Considering the fact:

1. There is great demand for CNA’s in fast expanding health care industry.
2. Rare Opportunity of earning great salary package.
3. Option of Career enhancement through continued education.
4. Requirement of minimum qualification i.e. 10th Grade Diploma or GED at the entry level in this great career.

There is great rush of students desiring to make CNA as their career. The professional guidance can be of great help to the students to decide the suitable training school among 15 best places to get CNA training.

CNA Career Prospects:

The Graduates after getting their nursing degree qualification find themselves performing prominent roles of profession like administering treatment in coordination with senior doctors and ensure that the action plan of the treatment of patients is implemented. The second role is providing emotional support to the patients admitted in the hospital for treatment and their relations, who are anxious and some times get emotionally struck up. After discharge of the patients the necessary post hospital stay guidance is explained.

The CNA can fast become a Registered Nurse by continued education and on job experience. The Registered Nurse is the largest health care occupation, which is further going to increase with the Nurse Ratio legislation accepted by all the states in due course. By the year the 2016 the Registered Nurses strength is going to increase tremendously.

Employment & Emolument Options:

A CNA shall stand out among all the Jobs available in different general categories. There is great scope in departments of Pediatrics, Oncology, Orthopedics and Gerontology.

Not only this, the CNA’s are having the highest earning potential. The average earning of a Registered nurse is around $45000 annually. There are higher payments for night shifts and overtime spent on the job.

Following are the 15 best places to get CNA training and other advanced continued education and trainings in nursing:

1. Chamberlain College of Nursing:

The first and foremost step for advancing in nursing career is to acquire the proper education and degree. In this direction Chamberlain College of Nursing is among 15 best places to get CNA training and has facility of providing a great online program along with arrangement of providing practical clinical experience in the local area.

The institute offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN to BSN & Master of Science in nursing also. This is first step related to advancement of one’s nursing career. Chamberlain College of Nursing makes available a highly honored degree.

There is flexibility of NLNAC accredited course for studying whenever and wherever. Joining is very simple by filling personal particulars through online admission form.

2. Walden University:

It is holding accreditation and offers advanced degrees for working professionals. One can make a Choice from highly renowned degree programs focusing on nursing, management, psychology, health while offering Bachelor Degree in Nursing BSN & M.S. in Nursing MSN BSN Track.

One can have a balanced effect on personal and professional engagements while achieving the coveted Ph.D., master’s degree, or bachelor’s degree online at Walden University. The Graduates pursuing the Walden University programs are responsible to create a difference in children’s lives, providing improvement health standards of communities, and are responsible for successful organizations.

One can join online the various nursing education programs of Walden University by submitting the particulars and completing other admission related formalities.

3. University of Cincinnati:

It is a success window of various opportunities available in the nursing arena. The University was established in the year 1819. The University of Cincinnati has to it’s credit many prestigious achievements, which has resulted in positive changes in society. It is ranked by Carnegie Commission as Number One Research based University. There is recognition to the reputed and outstanding faculty encouraging research work, updated curriculum, with great program accreditation.

4. University of Cincinnati (Online):

It offers postgraduate degree courses of MS in Nursing Nurse Midwifery & MS in Nursing Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

University of Cincinnati offers a public comprehensive system of education and research work and is focused to meet the diverse student needs encompassing wide range of interests and objectives.

Joining the University courses is very easy by submission of particulars online and completing other admission related formalities.

5. Kaplan University:

It provides online accredited degree courses, which enable one to acquire the degree one requires and thus one can make enhancement in one’s career, while remaining at work. Following are degree courses offered by the university:

Diploma: Practical Nursing & Forensic Nursing

6. Capella University (Online):

It offers online degrees in various fields like business management, health care, higher education, human resources, information technology, mental health, public safety, social work, and public administration.

Capella is an accredited university, and makes available challenging education content and features and there are more than 30,000 students enrolled in all 50 states and has online access to students in 45 more countries.

Capella University has uniqueness in making available excellent academic curriculum and the matching support provided by faculty and staff in turning out a course suitable for employed adult population. There is also facility of accessing federal loan schemes and scholarships to almost 75 % of the eligible students. There are 34 PhD, Psy. D, DPA, DBA, DSW, Ed. D, Ed. S, MS, MSN, MPA, MBA, MPH, BS and BPA degree courses.
MSN Nurse Educator & MSN Nurse Educator Bridge courses are nursing related postgraduate degrees offered by Capella University.

7. Colorado Technical University Online:

The University offers various courses ranging from Bachelor to Master’s degree, by joining these courses one can learn every thing online and acquire the degree course opted at a very fast pace. These courses are very appropriate for one’s career. One gets academic certificates as the course progresses, which ultimately combine up for degree achievement. The nursing related courses are as below:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN to BSN completion

8. Grand Canyon University (Online):

The University is at present offering the course through Online Campus situated in the colleges like:

1. Ken Blanchard College of Business.
2. College of Nursing and College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

There are a number of locations with convenient approach to make one’s choice and acquire degree in diverse disciplines like business, technology, criminal justice, nursing, and education. One can besides the campus courses offered can completely access them from online presence. There is provision of financial assistance to eligible candidates.

Attaining Online Degree the Real World Way:

When the objective is for achieving higher degree of success, Grand Canyon University is the place to get help. The cutting-edge curriculum has been created for giving the real-world experience one needs to have for a thriving success in the global marketplace. The university provides great variety and flexibility, with focus on the career while pursuing bachelor’s and master’s courses, which are totally available online.

9. South University (Online):

The University has old time tradition of maintaining excellence in education with personalized student’s care. There is great convenience available in achieving ones bachelor degree totally online.

With reputation and standing more than a century, the university cared for providing its students excellent instruction and personal care. One has choice of attaining degree online or at any of the large number of campus locations. Degree programs, which are available; range from Business Administration, Information Technology, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Healthcare, Management and many other courses.

There are benefits of financial planning available to every student. The university has commitments for assistance in getting the financial support one needs for moving forward with one’s education. Without consideration of one’s income or financial capacity, one is likely to become eligible for financial assistance facility making one’s education within reach. Nursing related courses are Bachelor of Science in Nursing RN to BSN and Master of Science in Nursing.

Joining is very easy by completing online submission and required formalities.

10. Stratford Career Institute:

The Nursing Assistant course is provided by Stratford Career Institute, through which students learn extensively human relationship, technical and medical skill required for success in the performance of functions of medical assistant. Students also study anatomy, physiology, and human systems.

11. Liberty University Online:

Liberty University offers Master of Science degree in Nursing and has focus on Acute Care enables the student for providing expert clinical care and other health related care services and packages individually, entire family and persons belonging to groups in their lifespan as per their needs in an acute care setting establishment. The stress is focused on higher areas of practice in nursing and making one proficient to perform the role of Clinical Nurse Specialist (C.N.S.) is kept well depicted all through progress of the curriculum.

Clinical practicum learning by practical involvement depends on one’s choice of area for practice the objective is to further strengthen the clinical capabilities, developing higher practice knowledge base, becoming expert and command leadership and confidence.

By participating in this course one achieves higher degree of awareness of practicing ethically and identify and understand social issues involved nusing practice. By participating in this course one becomes more aware of the what is ethical, knowledge of social and spiritual practices. One acquires art of critical thinking necessary for promotion of nursing profession.

It enjoys the status to be worlds largest university embodying and imparting christian values.

The Potential Careers offered are of Clinical Nurse Specialist, Undergraduate University, and Nursing Professor.


Liberty University has accreditation and membership of the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

12. Miller-Motte College Online:

The Miller-Motte’s RN to BSN course has been created for assisting the Registered Nurses for getting Bachelor of Science Degree for enhancing the career related goals and strengthening employment prospects. The course is created keeping in mind the need of mastering techniques of earlier completed courses so that there is a sound foundation, on which the new course takes places and grows. Thus the stress is on total integration of the course content building coordination in learning. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is done after getting Associate’s degree, with candidate‘s minimum 90 hours participation in associate course besides valid practicing license of Registered Nurse.


Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)

13. Lewis University:

Master of Science in Nursing – Nursing Education

The Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Education made available by Lewis University is suitable for nursing professionals desiring advancement of their careers. The curriculum created for master’s program ha built in the Catholic and Lasallian values for which Lewis University is popular.

The specialization of nursing education helps the student in acquiring skills in curricular pattern including:

1. Instructional methodology.
2. Program evaluation.
3. Educational research helping them for attaining qualification to become eligible to get higher salary package by handling more responsible tasks by virtue of higher education and experiences in nursing profession.
4. Educator role is useful in developing staff to meet the needs.
5. Continued education along with community education comes handy in developing municipal managed health care and other private enterprise set up.

This basic requirement of degree calls for 42 semester credit hours for completion.


The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, in addition to the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).


Candidates are required to have a RN license and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education with at least 2.75 GPA.

Related Programs of the school:

• Certificate – Nursing Administration
• Certificate – Nursing Education
• MSN – Nursing Administration

14. American Sentinel University:

RN to Bachelor of Science Nursing

It is a course for acquiring Bachelor of Science degree, which is eligible to registered nurses, based on the Colorado Nursing Articulation Model. Students here study for integration techniques of research for carrying out priority diagnoses, and doing planning, implementation and evaluation of caring of individuals, groups, and communities. Graduates are able to attain ability to realize basic causes and effects of the problems related to contemporary health and illness and thus are in a position to straight away provide and manage adequate and proper care of individuals, families, and groups who are in need of care to tackle their simple to complex health conditions. Student of this course are guided to complete two practical – one stressing Community Health and the other related to Leadership and Management. Thirty credits of this program are compulsorily required to be done through American Sentinel University.

American Sentinel University’s nursing degree courses have accreditation from Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Has recognition of U.S. Secretary of Education as a national accreditation agency, CCNE is an autonomous branch of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), the only accrediting body devoted exclusively for evaluation of baccalaureate and graduate nursing degree courses.

15. Phoenix University:

University of Phoenix has it’s true dedication to provide high quality of education and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. University of Phoenix has facilities of both at campus and online learning courses suiting the candidate’s personal schedule of time available.


University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and has membership of the North Central Association.

The University has very conveniently approachable locations for joining it courses as well as online learning option. The standard and quality of education is up to mark with good success rates for it’s students. One can get courses for associates’s degree, Master’s or Doctoral degree all at one place.

The courses available at Phoenix university are:

BS in Nursing (for Registered Nurses only.)
Licensed Practical Nurse to BS in Nursing
MS in nursing (For Registered Nurses only)

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