2010 Survey of Registered Nurses: Job Satisfaction and Career Plans

The result of a survey reported states that almost 33 % of the present registered nurses are not happy with their present working conditions and are planning to leave the profession or take up jobs, where they have to spend less time and reduction in the number of patients they are handling at present.

The reason for such is a feeling of the Registered Nurses as stated by 50 % of the nurses their personal health is deteriorating because such a pressure of work they are facing.

A Reflection on Job Satisfaction:

The objective of the survey, conducted by an agency offering complete healthcare and management service to the profession, was to find reaction to job satisfaction with the career they have opted.

The survey covered about 1400 Registered Nurses during the prevailing economic recession in the industry and considering the anticipated debate of Healthcare reforms to take care of much publicized Nurses Shortage.

The survey has it’s importance because it touches subjects like:

1. Recession and Registered Nurses change of Career Plans.

2. What shall be their response to Economic Recovery?

3. Views of Registered Nurses as to how Healthcare reform shall have it’s influence on nurses shortage?

Highlights of Survey:

• As far as the healthcare reform matter is concerned, just 6 percent of the survey respondents had firmly believed that reform will create a mechanism to ensure sufficient availability of nurses.

• This view at variance with industry sources data, which indicates there shall be shortage of 260,000 Registered Nurses by 2025. The Bureau of Labor puts shortage of Registered Nurses higher than industry data.

•The survey highlights job dis-satisfaction coupled with assessment about present healthcare delivery. The anticipated effect which worries is that significantly good number of Registered Nurses are on the verge of Change of Career Decision within a year shall likely have effect on quality of patient healthcare.

• During the course of the abovementioned survey majority of Registered Nurses have the opinion that quality of care nurses are providing now is much less than the patient care 5 years before.

• Around one third of the nurses covered in the survey they have expressed their views; they shall see that either their role gets decreased or they shall change their career option by becoming a travel nurse or nurse practitioner.

• The survey although is reflecting dis-satisfaction expressed by nurses in their present job, still most of the nurses are satisfied by their career option. 64 % of the Registered nurses are against recommending this career to young persons.

• The survey mentions of great improvement in the profession related to monetary rewards and respect, yet shortage of staff is a heavy challenge to be made good.

• The worrying part of the survey is 6 % of registered nurses holding permanent employment deciding to retire during period of 1 – 3 years, shall increase the deficit of nurses figure by 70000, which further has the complication that adequate number of young nurses are not making entry to nursing career as reflected by the number of candidates at NCLEX- RN Exam, which remains static.

• The survey views the present situation as critical, indicating the present need of retaining experienced nurses carrying on patient care as well as attracting new nurses. It is the two combined forces, which shall improve the patient care as well as present nurse’s shortage contained within means.

Source: 2010 Survey of Registered Nurses: Job Satisfaction and Career Plans, conducted by AMN Healthcare, a provider of comprehensive healthcare staffing and management services.

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