4 Simple Steps on How to Become a Flight Nurse

Healthcare services has been catering a very wide range of clients and what most people don’t know is that nursing has reached even the farthest location possible across the sky.  Literally in the sky, flight nursing has been slowly being recognized by many nurses who are willing to shift their career into a more challenging and unique experience.  Certain individuals have developed an interest in flight nursing as a career and they often wonder what are the simple steps on becoming a flight nurse.

A flight nurse is referred to as any registered nurse who performs comprehensive prehospital and emergency or critical nursing care to various types of patients during an aeromedical evacuation or rescue operations, helicopter, and propeller and jet aircraft.

The roles and duties of a flight nurse is never an easy task to accomplish.  It takes a lot of experience to perform such duties which include providing in-flight management and nursing care for different kinds of patients.  A flight nurse’s responsibilities include planning and preparing for aeromedical evacuation missions and developing a patient care nursing plan to promote patient care, comfort, and safety.  Moreover, a flight nurse determines the patient’s in-flight needs and then requests for the necessary medications, medical supplies and equipments which at the same time provide continuing nursing care.  They have the role of medical liaisons and promoters of comfort among clients.  In cases of emergency situation, a flight nurse may initiate emergency treatment in the absence of a physician during in-flight medical emergency situation.

Getting a grasp of understanding the roles and duties of a flight nurse it made us easy to comprehend the 4 easy steps of becoming a flight nurse.

Step 1: A flight nurse must be a registered nurse with good 3 to 5 years experience in the ICU, CCU or ER setting.   An EMT or Emergency Medical Technician-basic or Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic training can be a huge plus or can be a requirement for some.

Step 2: As this can be a physically demanding job especially when at times, a flight nurse may have to hassle down a deep ravine or wade in icy water while taking hold of an equipment pack.  In this manner, a flight nurse must have good physical strength, agility, and stamina to surpass such events.

Step 3: Of course every nurse should have excellent patient assessment skills but in this case, a flight attendant should be able to asses in a Level I Trauma ER nature and must be able to possess superb decision-making skills.

Step 4: A flight nurse must also have the keen knowledge and understanding to remain with the patient when he is transported to another hospital.  This would enable a flight nurse to cater on the physical, emotional, and emergent needs of the patient which is very important to impart comfort and care.

Basing from what we discovered here, the steps of becoming a flight nurse is easy but being one and maintaining to be one can be pretty tough.   For preparation and battle against emergency cases, a flight nurse must be equipped with certain specialized training in high level trauma and rescue and at the same time he must have certain advanced life support certifications which includes BCLS (basic cardiac life support), ACLS (advanced cardiac life support, PALS (pediatric advanced life support), NRP (neonatal resuscitation program) and other specialized trauma related certifications.





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