Associates Degree Nursing, Introduction to Conclusion

Joining Associates Degree Nursing Programs

As promised, here is the introduction first; Associate Degree in Nursing or ADN is the academic degree which is awarded to candidates satisfactorily completing the course of study lasting for 2 years. Different associates degree nursing programs are available in the community and junior colleges worldwide, especially in US (except Canada). Obtaining the licensure is a must if you wish to enter the nursing field and you can take up the national licensing examination for registered nurse after the successful completion of the associates degree nursing program.

The course period is usually 2 years but may at times extend up to 3 or 3.5 years if the candidate concentrates on taking up other preparatory courses or attend nursing programs on a part time basis.

Course requirements for associates degree nursing

It is advisable to thoroughly check the requirements mentioned by the nursing institution that you choose for your associate degree in nursing. You have to note that the basic eligibility criteria may vary even from one department to another within the same nursing institute. Some of the facts to be confirmed carefully are the credits, grade point average, and the specific classes required for the completion of the associate nursing degree.

In general, completion of a minimum 60 credits with at least a 2.0 grade point average is the mandatory requirement for associates degree nursing programs.

The need for preparatory courses

Now that you are aware of the course requirements, it will be easy to define the necessity of preparatory courses associated with the completion of ADN. You have to understand that a high school diploma is the basic requirement for attending the associates degree nursing programs. The alternate option is to take up relevant preparatory courses but it is to be noted that the time period for completing your associates nursing degree will get extended if you take up either of the above mentioned options. Apart from this, refresher courses are suggested if you do not prove your proficiency in important subjects such as biology, chemistry, and algebra.

Part time or full time associates degree nursing programs

This is one of the most important decisions you must finalize before you enroll yourself in any of the associates degree in nursing. The options available vary based on your choice and you have to understand that the duration of the degree will be highly influenced by the total time you spend for the classes. In the case of full-time associates degree nursing, the course period is around 2 years while the number of classes per semester will determine the duration of the part-time associates degree nursing programs.

More about Completing Associates Degree Nursing

Here are few facts which are essential for you to know, understand, and consider if you are planning for the successful completion of associate nursing degrees and a promising career in nursing.

Choosing the right nursing college

There are several options available such as junior colleges, community colleges, four-year universities, business colleges, and a handful of universities which award bachelor’s degrees. Apart from these, the options available for completing your associates degree nursing online are plenty.

A overview of the associates degree nursing Curriculum

Some may claim that bachelor’s degree is more powerful than associate degree but it is to be clearly understood that the curriculum in associates degree nursing is trimmed only to skip the subjects which are not directly related to nursing. In both the cases, adult health, newborn/maternal nursing, and pediatrics play an important part of the curriculum. Apart from these, the associates degree nursing curriculum will also include anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, family health, geriatric health, mental health, psychology, and pharmacology.

Your Future with the Registered Associates Nursing Degree

It is to be noted that the eligible candidates completing their ADN will take up the national exam – NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse) to earn the state-specific licensure and become a registered nurse (RN).

Jobs requiring an associates degree nursing

It needs no second saying that the healthcare field is blooming and the requirement for registered nurses is skyrocketing. With this said, here are few career choices available after you successfully complete your associates nursing degree programs. You can become a cardiovascular technician, registered nurse, occupational therapy assistant, health information technologist, or a radiation therapist.

Pay scale

It is noticeable in most of the cases that BSN and ADN graduates get the same pay scale after they earn their licensure. But some nursing leaders may restrict their openings only to BSN prepared RN.

After becoming a registered nurse or RN, you can administer injections and medications to the patients as you are considered to be a nurse’s aid and licensed practical nurse. Whatever the case may be, the 2 years associates degree nursing is the basic requirement for advancing in your nursing career goals and has a respectful pay scale too.

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