Basic requirements to enroll in a nursing school

One of the most satisfying professions that guarantee a reasonable remuneration and job security is the nursing profession.  Accounting for more than 60% of the total employment in the health care industry, the nursing profession has one very salient feature.  The health care industry, especially the medical field and the nursing profession, is not affected by the business cycles.  In other words, there is no room for recession in this evergreen sector.

With the developments in the medical field, and a considerable improvement in the mortality rates of the people leading to more baby boomers, the need for quality nursing will always be in short supply in comparison with the demand.

In the circumstances, taking up a nursing profession and deciding to enroll in nursing school is one of the wisest decisions an individual could take, especially in the early stages of his or her career.

What is a nursing school?

Nursing school is an educational institution that is dedicated to imparting nursing education to the aspiring students and prepares the students to take up the challenging profession of nursing.

The idea of setting up a nursing school to educate and groom students to develop as  qualified nurses to the healthcare industry was first mooted by the famous “Lady with the Lamp” – Florence Nightingale way back in 1860 in London.

Who can enroll into a nursing school?

Nursing is a specialized profession in the healthcare industry and one should have some basic academic qualifications to enter into this specialized nursing field.

One should have a high school diploma course completed before seeking admission into a nursing school, as is the case with any professional study.  In other words, the minimum schooling and basic knowledge about the general subjects normally taught in the school should be an essential requirement to seek entry into a nursing school.

Having this basic qualification of a high school diploma, any person aspiring to take up nursing profession need to take up pre-admission test prescribed by the governing body for Nursing Profession.  A successful pass in the test will pave way for your entry into a nursing school.

In order to come out successfully in the pre-admission test, one student should have, apart from the basic high-school diploma, reasonable proficiency in subjects like English,  physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy and mathematics.  If the student is less proficient in any of these basic subjects, then entry into the nursing school will be quite difficult.

The most important qualification, other than educational qualifications, to take up nursing profession is compassion, patience and willing to serve the people, especially those in pain and distress.   The service-minded attitude and helping tendency, as can be inferred from the shining example of the Lady with the Lamp, is one essential trait every person aspiring to take up nursing profession should have in their skin.

Additional traits that help in becoming a successful nurse include the mental stamina, will power, ability to stay calm and composed, sense of humor and above all patience.  One has to always bear in mind that as a nurse, he or she will be making a difference or impact in a patient’s life.

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