Best Nursing Schools in the US

There are a numerous Nursing Education Schools both traditional and online in US, which either came into existence in response to lot of hue and cry about the present and anticipated shortage of nursing professionals in health care sector or old schools, who have upgraded their present nursing courses to Degree courses. It is necessary to know the background of shortage in detail as well as to spot Best Nursing Schools in US for the guiding of the intending students desirous of quickly complete their degree in Nursing Education.

Acute Shortage of Health Care Professionals:

United States of America, which had enjoyed the prestigious status of land of plenty’s, suffered a set back during the last twenty years resulting in acute shortage of health care services and more particularly trained nursing staff to operate these services at optimum level of health care.

Some of states of US still suffer greatly about the non-availability of nursing professionals in comparison to other states. There are special incentives operating in these states, with serious objective of wooing nursing staff, by offering packages of earning more than the national average in the category and many perks and concessions not available in other states like free transportation costs, free rent and mortgage concessions etc.

Response to the Shortage Trigger:

As a consequence of acute shortage of health care services and the Nursing Staff i.e. RNs, LPS, Vocational Nurses, Nurse Educators, to operate the services up to the desired level, the first attempt was to make available broad based traditional and online nursing education facilities leading to various certification, diplomas and degrees in nursing education in a convenient and effective manner.

Most of the Universities in US have affiliated schools, community colleges spread through out US for carrying out traditional and online Nursing education courses by creating appropriate infrastructure to deliver quality content through highly proficient faculties.

Simultaneously hospitals in some states have started recruiting nursing professionals in other states of US and even in Canada, although there are very stringent conditions applicable to Canadians to receive Green card status. Canadians are required to hold a professional certificate or degree, for which qualified Americans are not available. Similar conditions apply for Americans in Canada. The same is true of Americans seeking Green Cards in Canada.

Following are the Top Universities, which are fore runners in providing Nursing Certification and other degrees programs both traditionally as well as online:

Benedictine University:

Benedictine University, a top-tier university, was established about 125 years ago based on the philosophy of providing all round education to a person.  Thus the program of the university has strong roots, rich historical achievements traditionally imparting excellence to the individual coming to the University for learning. The unique feature is small class size with individualized attention.

Benedictine University in the Region has accreditation with Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) and the Illinois State Board of Education.

The features of Benedictine University Online:

  • There has been freezing of the tuition fee at 2008-09 level for the courses running in 2009-10 session of the university in comparison to other schools, which every year charge increased fee. The entire focus is on the benefits to the students.
  • There is great convenience in accessing the courses online from anywhere and there is 24 hours a day and all through 7 days a week technical support available to the students.
  • One can do completion of master’s degree totally online. No necessity of residency compulsion.
  • The tuition fee is within reach of a person. Moreover one can seek financial assistance also.
  • True interaction between the students and faculty with virtual class room environment.
  • The students graduating from the university feel transformed backed with practically useful information and become professional leaders commanding respect in the community.

Online Master of Science Course (Nursing):

At present around 3 million nurses are working in US, and there is going to be tremendous rise in the work force within the next ten years. With the Master’s degree Course qualification, one is poised to occupy the senior most positions in the fast expanding health care sector. Benedict University, though established in the year 1887, it is offering nursing courses from the last 25 years equipped with flexibility and latest innovations in teaching capability. It is highly suitable for working nursing professionals having family responsibilities and ambition to complete master’s degree course.

Benedictine’s highly focused distance learning solution is turning out nurse leaders, nurse educators and nurse administrators, who hold their key to future success.

Our built in industry’s leading curriculum, makes it possible for the students  for customizing their degree by also making themselves capable of acting in specialized environment like managing disasters, influencing organizational behavior and innumerable other unique areas of specialization, which is absent in other degree courses being offered.

American Sentinel University:

The benefits which Nursing students can enjoy, while learning are as below:

  1. Low Tuition.
  2. Study at one’s own pace.
  3. Satisfying Personal Support.
  4. Two batches begin every month.

If one is working the abovementioned benefits from American Sentinel University go a long way in carrying on accredited nursing education with limited resources. Thus one can manage a balance between nursing job, education and family responsibilities within low budget means.  There is an effective ready solution with diverse options to choose from and no one is saved of botheration to find when, where and how to get satisfactory nursing education?

American Sentinel offers total solutions of degree programs structured for the benefit of overall flexibility required to learn online and qualify for the opted course.

American Sentinel’s CCNE Accreditation:

It ensures high content quality delivered by proficient faculty in respect of its Nursing Degree Education.

There is a promise of high quality education by the American Sentinel University to students regarding its online nursing degree programs supported by The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), who have bestowed accreditation to American Sentinel for its RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN), RN to Master of Science in Nursing (RN to MSN), and Master of Science in Nursing.  There are four specialty functions like:

  1. Case Management.
  2. Nursing Informatics.
  3. Management and organizational leadership.
  4. Nursing Education.

There is Recognition by the U.S. Secretary of Education in the capacity of a national accreditation agency.

CCNE is an autonomous Body of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), which is the only accrediting body responsible entirely for evaluation of baccalaureate and graduate nursing degree programs.

Sentinel’s online nursing degrees are preferred because:

  • Quality of the education and learning is assured by a Solid Promise.
  • All Employers not only accept, but prefer degree holders from American Sentinel University.

It satisfies the criteria required for achieving advanced degrees.

Online RN to MSN:

For RN to MSN degree a registered nurse having associate degree in nursing with at least two years experience can apply and complete the course. Thus a Registered Nurse gets a chance to acquire a MSN degree without having completed bachelor’s degree.

Online Nursing Degree at Capella University:

Capella University has capability of offering online degrees in very diverse fields pertaining to business management, health care, higher education, human resources, information technology, mental health, K-12 education, public safety and public administration, and public service leadership. It is an accredited university. Capella provides the education to more than 30,000 students having presence in all US states besides 45 countries.

Capella has brilliant academics and supportive faculty along with associated staff of program, which is most suitable for employed adults. There is support of federal loan scheme and scholarships. The good part is 3 out of 4 Capella students are receiving financial aid. Theory and Practice are combined helping in one’s career.

Financial Support at Capella University:

Three out of four Capella students are receiving monetary support to cover their education expenses. Capella has participation in many federal financial help programs, which includes Federal Pell Grant Program and Federal Stafford Loan Program.

Capella is also capable to certify Veterans Educational Benefits and offers help in accessing other non-federal loan programs. Capella scholarships are funded by the University, which are permissible in selective disciplines.

Capella University accreditation:

Capella University holds accreditation of The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA),

Acheving a Nursing Degree Online:

For fast reaching the next level in nursing career Capella University’s Degree program in nursing is created for preparing nurses to meet the growing need of nursing faculty thus advancing in the field of nursing research. The National League for Nursing recognizes Capella’s Nursing Education contribution is in line with Core Competencies for Nurse Education providers.

Capella’s RN-to-BSN specialization has been created for helping to make progress in one’s nursing career by converting one’s nursing diploma education to bachelor’s degree level education.

The above are the best Nursing Schools in US having excellent track record of performance supported by best accreditation from nursing education governing agencies.

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