Careers in nursing away from a hospital set-up

The very words “Nurse” and “Nursing” brings to our memory the Lady with the Lamp, the nick name given fondly to Florence Nightingale for her untiring and unselfish service to the wounded soldiers at the Crimean War. This Lady with the Lamp defined nursing and was instrumental in the recognition of nursing not just as a profession, but the noblest of the professions.

However, there exists a myth among many people that a nurse typically has to work only in hospitals and the most important work of a nurse in near and around the bedside of patient lying in a general ward or intensive cure unit in the hospital.

With the rapid advancement in medical technology and the expansion of health care facilities to specialized areas, the need for nurses is not felt just in medical centers or hospitals alone.

Nurses, armed with the basic qualification in nursing such as a bachelor’s degree in nursing, or an associate degree in nursing, can take up a job as a nurse not particularly in a hospital setup but in other areas where their services are required.

A qualified nurse can find a job in any one of the following places as well:

• Physiotherapy centers
• Pharmacies
• Educational centers
• Hostels
• Houses as house-keepers
• Private nursing homes or clinics
• Police institutions
• Army
• Navy, and
• many other places including companies, factories etc.,

A qualified nurse can be employed in a pharmacy, where he or she will be not only providing the correct medicine as per prescription to a patient or customer at the counter, but will also be educating the methods of administering the same and the precautions that need to be taken while consuming the medicines.

The need for a qualified nurse is felt in a physiotherapy center, where most of the persons who need training and exercises as part of rehabilitation visit frequently for treatment. The responsibility of a qualified nurse in a typical rehabilitation center is to help and guide the people in training as per the instructions of the doctor or physician.

Many qualified doctors, apart from their employment in hospitals, set up some private clinics and provide medication. Such private clinics can function, flourish and prosper only with the help of a qualified nurse whose service and healthcare assistance has vital role to play in the expansion of the clinic or effective functioning of the same.

Many companies and factories do appoint a qualified nurse as part of the employment workforce for two reasons – one is to provide immediate and effective assistance to employees in case of emergency; and secondly, to educate the employees and their family members about the importance of health and hygiene through contact programs or periodical health check up programs.

Similarly, hostels, schools, police institutions, navy and army units, even travel companies organizing tours, require qualified nurses to provide efficient and effective medical assistance at times of necessity without any valuable loss of time.

Thus, one can safely erase the notion of nursing being the activity near the bedside of a patient and embrace this noble profession.

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