Basic requirements to become a Registered Nurse

In the health care industry, a professional entrusted with the responsibility of implementing the principles of nursing in treating the patients in coordination with other professionals in the healthcare industry, especially the doctors and specialists, is referred to as a Registered Nurse or RN.

Registered Nurses constitute a major proportion of the employees in the healthcare industry. The demand for qualified registered nurses in the healthcare industry across the world is on the rise, and the probability of stagnation or oversupply of Registered Nurses is literally zero.

How to become a Registered Nurse?

Any person, having a passion to help other people and want to make an impact on other peoples life through their service, can take up the nursing profession.

Three possible options are available to the aspiring person to become a registered nurse.

The three options are : a) you need to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing; b) you need to have an associate degree in nursing; or c) you can get a diploma from a nursing program conducted by many approved institutions.

A person with a basic high school qualification can take up degree program in nursing by enrolling himself or herself in any college or an university. He or she needs to spend 4 years in college to get the Bachelor Degree in Nursing, or BSN. If you have a degree in any other subject and willing to switch over to nursing profession, then you can opt for an accelerated Bachelor Degree, which can be completed in 12 to 18 months.

Community colleges and junior colleges offer an abridged version of the bachelor’s degree of nursing, called as Associate Degree in Nursing. The duration of this abridged course is only two years instead of the four years to get a bachelor’s degree.

Some of the hospitals conduct diploma courses in specialized fields or general nursing activities to the aspiring future nurses. The diploma courses typically have a duration of 3 years. Enrolling in a diploma program and passing the examinations can also make you eligible for becoming a registered nurse.

If you have any one of the above qualification, you will be eligible to take up a national level certification examination conducted periodically and upon successful completion of the test, you will be issued a license to become a professional Registered Nurse.

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