Careers in nursing: Pediatric nurse

The noble profession of nursing offers innumerable career opportunities and challenges to any person who has a compassionate heart and the burning desire to help other people and also make an impact in their life. One such field of specialization is Pediatrics.

Pediatrics is the study concerned with children and their diseases. As such, if you, as a person, have special care and love for the children, then pediatric nursing is the right field in nursing you can choose to take up.

Pediatric nursing is a specialized field and requires some additional training on the specialized subject of pediatric nursing. You need to get a degree in a nursing college and undergo the basic training as a registered nurse, in the specialized field of pediatric nursing. You can even go for still higher specialization in the subject of pediatrics by choosing sub-fields such as pediatric oncology or pediatric cardiology.

The field of nursing, in general, gives immense pleasure. Pediatric nursing will normally double the pleasure because, as a pediatric nurse, you will be around the children all through the day and interacting with them and taking care of them, which is next only to what a mother does to her normal child, with love and affection.

Pediatric nursing has some limitations as well. If you are looking for a job that takes only eight or nine hours of your day and gives you the opportunity to spend time with your family and children at home, then nursing is not the ideal job for you and more so, you cannot think of pediatric nursing.

This specialized field demands a lot more from you and you should be mentally and physically prepared for that situation. Children, as patients, behave in a peculiar way. At times, they will be normal and full of energy, being playful and do all sorts of mischief. Suddenly, they become sad when feeling the pain or the disease and can be difficult to handle at times. Handling them with love and affection and ensuring their speedy recovery is the real challenge for a pediatric nurse and you should be prepared for the challenges.

Any experienced pediatric nurse will, obviously, say that he or she enjoys her profession the most. If you have the love and affection for children and take great pleasure in living, playing and treating children, the pediatric nursing is the right field in nursing for you.

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