Certified Nurse Assistant Career

The basic desire of the certified nurse assistant (CNA) is to progress and make a career in patient’s health care. One gets opportunity to make use of the education and training in assisting the Licensed Nurse and help the patients in their feeding, dressing and daily routines of toilet and bath. They are involved in taking temperature, measure the pulse and blood pressure of the patients and record the same in patients’ history sheet with date and timing of the reading.

The Licensed nurse and the doctors study these records to assess the patients’ health and advise the treatment accordingly. They observe the progress made by the patient in response to the treatment. Thus the (CNA) creates a relation, with the patients, who feel satisfied, that some one is listening and caring for them.

Education and Training:

For becoming a (CNA) the basic requirement is just High School Diploma and prescribed training of 75 hours in the class room to get to know the basic skills and clinical experience. The job is carried on under the supervision of a licensed nurse.

After the 75 hours class room education is completed, one has to pass a written test and clinical experience to be assessed by a state level examiner. The results of the clinical experience and written test are declared on the spot.

After successfully qualifying the written test and clinical experience one gets a certificate which bears a validity period, which is required to be renewed and the continued education tests are cleared from time to time to progress further in the career of (CNA).

Prospects of (CNA):

The job of (CNA) has plenty of potential for progressing for a person having passion for serving humanity and desire for career growth. The job is not easy, but it has very high potential of getting rewards for the hard work done in terms of career advancement.

As per the comparative statistics available from Bureau of Labor statistics, (CNA) has during the past years grown at the rate of 28 %, which is the fastest among number of job opportunities offered to public. The basic reason for such a high growth is high increase of employment needs in this field.

The fact supporting the situation is that many (CNA) join and learn the basics and complete their qualification for some other position leaving a vacuum at bottom level for new (CNA)s’.

The new (CNA)’s get discouraged by the volume of work and expected fastness to complete the work and need to  spend long as well as odd hours at the job. Facing the challenges and remaining comfortable with the stress caused by the surroundings, can be achieved by only those persons having true compassion and high devotion to their responsibilities.

The (CNA)’s, who treat it as a job only for earning to pay for their expenses find hard to succeed and leave soon. It requires lot of patience and self confidence to succeed and enjoy the fruit of hard labor in the days to come. One needs to be a team player arriving at the job early and cooperating with all the colleagues and patients by sharing the difficulties and offering effective solutions. In the process one develops high level of interpersonal skills.

Irrespective the place, where one lives, one can access the education and training locally. Many nursing homes advertise for the jobs with them and provide free cna training on the condition that after completing the education and clearing the clinical experience one has to serve them. One can get education through Red Cross or at Community vocational colleges imparting training for (CNA).

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