Certified Nursing Assistant School Learning

Certified nursing assistant school are the learning places, where the (CNA) candidates can learn the basics and advanced concepts of their profession and use them while practicing their roles in the hospital assignments initially under the supervision of a Licensed Nurse. The certified Nursing Assistant School courses are as per the prescribed syllabus and the schools are accredited to the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC), a designated authority monitoring the conduct of course offered to (CAN) candidates.

There are many Certified Nursing Assistant Schools and Colleges in the U.S. Following are some of outstanding schools offering prescribed courses to (CNA) candidates:

Bellevue Community College:

Nursing Assistant Training Program is offered by Bellevue Community College and prepares students to participate in National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) examination conducted by OBRA Nursing Assistant Registry and subsequent certification in Washington State after successful completion of the course and passing in the examination.

The certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) School courses at the college provide the detailed knowledge and impart the skills required to understand the need of patients who lack the ability to take care of themselves because of their disease condition.

Certified Nursing Assistant schools are equipped to conduct classroom and laboratory training and learning from the instructor and performing clinical practice in all types of environments existing in a Hospital or Nursing home.

In the end during the last six weeks of the Nursing Assistant program, students are given eight days of clinical experience, half in a nursing home and the second half in hospital environment. The certified Nursing Assistant school training and course at this college is fully accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).

Sierra College: Nursing Assistant Certificate Program

The certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) schools course teaching and laboratory practical work at Sierra College has been formulated to groom up the students for getting a job as CNA or to carry on advanced study for successfully qualify for becoming a registered nurse.

The Nursing Assistant certificate program makes the students proficient in putting into practice, what has been learnt while providing care to the person suffering from disease or look after a handicapped person in his home. The certified nursing assistants are employed in any local nursing facility or hospital establishment. The Certified Nursing Assistant school course also includes complete information about essentials of nutrition and food making, implementing right safety standards and how to help patients to become ambulatory, if the patient requires help.

Sierra College’s Nursing Assistant school curriculum is taught by using humanistic approach as defined in philosophy of Abraham Maslow. The coursework emphasizes on fundamental skills required to offer required assistance and guidance improving the patient’s psychological status, and satisfying patients social, physical needs. Students completing the Nursing Assistant program become eligible to qualify the certification exam conducted by the California Department of Health Services.

After passing the examination, they become qualified Certified Nursing Assistant and possess the skills and qualifications to offer their services in diverse areas like acute or long-term health providing facilities.

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