Certified Nursing Assistant Training Duration

Certified Nursing assistant training program duration for its completion is basically just for three weeks, which depends on the particular state specified period. There are great employment opportunities for this job.

For persons who are not in a position, to do a course from a medical school, there is an option of working with patients for making nursing their career. They carry out basic services of patient care admitted in the hospital for their treatment.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) provides help to the Licensed Nurse in a hospital or patient health care centre. The career of (CNA) is very satisfying in terms of salary and perks after successful completion of the training, which is class room teaching for successfully qualifying Nurse Aide Competency Exam.

During their training they learn of their functions with brief of the hospital environment and knowledge of patients’ diseases and their management. There are opportunities of learning for further advancement from time to time.

(CNA) Team Spirit:

(CNA) routinely perform the duties in a team environment comprised of Nurses and Doctors, who carry out the jobs of looking after patient’s basic requirements. (CNA) the first and foremost duty is to provide bedside caring, collecting and administering the medicines, completion of patient forms, and working under the supervision of licensed nurse posted in the department.

Other functions of (CNA) workers include:

Completion of nursing assessments
Giving Medicines to the Patients
Ensuring surgery room has all the equipment & Consumables
Enquiring about the needs of patient.
Looking after Bath and Feeds needs of the patient
Following ‘Code Blue’ Emergency Guidelines.
Performing CPR

A (CNA) functions as subordinate to the Licensed Nurse and does monitoring of patient in the absence of Licensed Nurse. (CNA) looks after properly patient’s urgent and necessary needs and communicating any complication to the Licensed Nurse or medical doctor looking after patient’s treatment.

Governing Rules (CNA) Training:

The training rules governing (CNA) provided in the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 prescribing minimum period of class room training and clinical training required under supervision. Every state considers approval of its training program for (CNA), which provides that every year (CNA)

The minimum qualification required from candidates for (CNA) is high school diploma or GED. The training consists of class room teaching and practical experience in clinical environment.

Nursing Assistant Training Info:

Cna training is very helpful in imparting critically necessary skills and focused knowledge aimed at making them proficient in the career they have chosen. The course can be completed in a campus environment or online. All the technical colleges are offering this course comprising of 4 year participation to get qualified.

A (CNA) learns about what to do when a patient needs help in ambulation, using anti-embolic stocking, using Bedpan, care of mouth, dressing the wounds, feeding assistance, clean bed making, helping the patient drink fluids, sponging the patient, trimming of nails and helping patients to do exercises aimed at improving motion range of joints etc.

The special training is provided to take care of bed ridden patients suffering from prolonged period of sickness.

Employment scope:

Persons having successfully completed (CNA) training find job openings in hospitals, mental health center, nursing home, assisted living service providers. It is necessary that the (CNA) continues his education every year so that they upgrade their proficiency every year.

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