CNA Training Options in Michigan

For persons interested in making career in nursing field, cna training is the first and foremost basic step required to be taken for becoming eligible to get CNA certification. The CNA Training program is conducted by technical or community colleges in the state of Michigan. The two major community colleges in Michigan are Lansing Community College and Whitenaw Community College located at Ann Arbor.

Lansing Community College CNA Training:

There are above 30,000 students enrolled with Lansing Community College every year. By it’s massive size it happens to be third ranking among other community college in Michigan. The Campus of the College is situated in downtown Lansing. There are more than 240 certificate courses and associate’s degree training courses conducted here. Those candidates desirous of achieving CNA certification usually do their registration with Lansing Community College’s CNA training.

Long Term Care Training for Nurse Aide:
It is Certificate Training course lasting for Eight hours resulting into State Certification for nurse aides. This training course stresses upon basics of nursing skills required for performance of the job functions of CNA. The subjects taught in this course are those already covered in CNA classes and is aimed at refreshing what has been learned in respect of infection control, effective communication practices, patient’s rights and the broad functions of long-term nurse aides.

The course is designed for helping graduates to undertake jobs in nursing homes or long-term health care facilities. Besides getting certificate of completion, graduates become eligible for taking the State Competency Evaluation Nurse Aide examination.

Acute and Long Term Nurse Aide Certificate of Completion:

The training course is having 8 hour credit and is combination of Long term care and acute care nurse assistant /patient care technician course. By completing this course the person can work in hospitals, clinics, home healthcare service providers or long term care service providers. This certificate course prepares graduates candidates making them eligible for appearing in the State Competency Evaluation Nurse Aide examination.

Washtenaw Community College (WCC) CNA Training Course:

It is situated in southeastern region of Michigan and conducts about 100 credit programs and has enrollment of above 20,000 students. The school was established in 1965 and conducts its courses at the main campus besides four centers situated in the near vicinity of Ann Arbor. The college conducts CNA training course through its associated School of Nursing and Heath Science.

Basic Nursing Assistant Skills Certificate of Completion:

This 3-week, 90-hour certificate course is combination of classroom instructions, work routine in clinical labs and 26-hour clinical experience in the area hospitals, clinics and other similar settings. Basic nursing assistant skills are demonstrated to the students and they are made to practice, which enables them to carry on their job in diverse types of health care settings. After completing the training course the students become eligible to take the state certified nursing assistant examination, which helps them in their CNA certification enables them for working as a CNA. CNA certification is valid for 24 months and one is required to take a State administered test for getting the certification validated.

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