Daily routine duties of a nurse

Who is a nurse? A nurse is a person who takes care of a patient and plays a vital role in transforming that patient to a normal person as he or she was before being affected by an ailment warranting medical attention.

It is not an easy job to become a nurse and carry out the challenging duties. To become a nurse, one should have a compassionate heart, a heart which cares and loves fellow members and extends a helping hand, without expecting any favor, to persons who need them and those who are suffering from some sort of illness.

As a caretaker to the patient, the daily routines of a nurse are very demanding and essential.

The nurse should ensure that there exists a good and hygienic atmosphere around the patient with adequate fresh air and sunlight. It is the duty of the nurse to prepare the medication in prescribed dosage and norm, and administer the same to the patient at frequent intervals.

The nurse, after having administered the prescribed medication, should observe the effects of the medication on the patient’s condition and keep record of the things she or he observed in the patient’s condition. If the nurse finds some deviation in the condition or effect following the medication, it is the responsibility of the nurse to immediately notify the supervisor, the Registered Nurse, or the Physician attending to the patient and arrange for taking immediate remedial measures for the reactions in a patient for certain types of medications.

It is the duty of a nurse to treat the patient not just as a patient and carry out the duties entrusted to him of taking care of the patient. It would be expected of a nurse to treat the patient as a friend and console the patient with some soothing words of motivation, which will infuse some sort of confidence to the patient.

A patient can fully recover from an illness only and only when he feels confident about himself and not let himself down with the grief of the disease or ailment. It is here that the nurse plays an important role as a friend of the patient. The nurse should strive to take the patient into confidence, instill some sort of courage and motivation to overcome the ailment and not worry or feel dejected about the ailment or disease.

The attitude of a nurse should be non-judgmental in nature and he or she should do the duties with a sense of dedication with the primary goal of seeing the patient recover to the normal stage as he or she was before the disease or ailment.

In simple terms, the duty of a nurse, on a daily basis, is that of a mediator between the patient and the doctor. It is the nurse who constantly monitors the development of the patient and brings it to the notice of the doctor. The nurse teaches many new things about a disease and the response to the same from the patients, a knowledge that cannot be gained by reading books alone. Nurses have been playing an important role in understanding many diseases, treatments and their likely reactions on the patients.

However cna has different duties than other nurses.

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