Do you want to succeed in your nursing career?

It is a great honor to take up the profession of nursing because this is one profession that gives you immense job satisfaction.

As a nurse, it is your responsibility to ensure the general care of the patient and do all such things that will help the patient recover from the illness. It is you, the nurse, who is entrusted the responsibility of saving the patient from further complications and helping him or her return back to normal state.

What does the word “success” in nursing profession mean to you?

Is it a hefty pay package, promotions and higher posts that make you recognized as a successful nurse?

Is it the competence or the sound knowledge about the subject, which, at times, even belittles the physicians? or

Is it the years of experience you have put in as a nurse in an organization?

What is success?

It is quite possible that any one of the above mentioned reasons might be a part of the success story of your nursing profession. But, these are not the reasons for claiming success in your nursing career.

The key to success in your nursing profession should come from yourself and should be a part of your character. One is the inherent motivation in you to become a nurse and provide genuine care to the patients. You should treat every patient in such a way as you would otherwise treat your own child when he or she is in pain or distress. Such should be your caring mentality.

The second thing is compassion. You should display a smiling face to the patient, take some time to listen what he or she has to say, enquire about their health and developments and say soothing words of confidence. In simple terms, you, as a nurse, should make the patients feel that they are not at a ward in the hospital, but, at their own home. Spending a minute or two with the patient while going through the routine rounds in the ward will make a world of difference to the patients in the ward. The memories of tackling challenges and seeing patients recover from diseases is the best gift a nurse can get for the services and the money you get as salary, however, big it may be, look miniscule and worthless.

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