Guiding Youth to Rewarding Career Options with CNA Online Course

A Guide to become a CNA Online:

Online CNA course is most suitable to opt for a rewarding career under the following prevailing conditions of the candidate:

  • If one has a desire for becoming a Nursing Assistant and get online certification, one is required to select a course online.
  • In case one is working and has a family, with limited time at disposal it is a good choice to get a course online for nursing assistant or CNA.
  • CNA course online offers great flexibility and savings in cost in completing the Certification course.
  • The First step involves qualification satisfaction to join a school, which is minimum 10th standard diploma, an understanding capability and passion to serve Humanity.
  • The online CNA course should have accredited with the National League for Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNAC). By joining an accredited course there is great potential for further up grading the career to acquire degrees and doctorate education in the field of nursing for further advancement in career.

There are many options available for becoming “CNA” Online. Before registering for an online course, it is advisable to confirm from the State Health Authorities, responsible for issuing the license that they accept online certification because the eligibility conditions vary from state to state. A number of online training facilities are available for selection and competing the prescribed training.

CNA Online by St. Augustine Educational Services:

The online service provided is based on latest technology, which is up dated from time to time thus always it is providing freshness to the course. It scores over others in respect of convenience and affordability so that any one having passion to become a CNA does not get discouraged because of the initial hiccups of inconvenience or feeling that affordability is coming in the way. The online course has the approval of various concerned agencies.

The role of Certified Nursing Assistant relates to take care of the health of the patients. Innumerable patients, who because of their disease are not in a position to lead a normal life, with the perfection in their care during their brief stay in the hospital they are back with better health and start living their life again.

The Caring Hands of CNA:

The technological advancements can not replace the caring skills of a passionate CNA in taking care of the sick humanity. The sick patients need individuality in their care and it is only CNA, who can reach them as a God sent angel understanding their difficulties and problems. The CNA mitigates their problems by serving them with the compassion needed by them in their difficult hour.

With the passage of time nursing profession has taken long strides and is advancing rapidly looking at the growing need of their services. The St. Augustine Educational service provides CNA Online course in Certified Nursing Assistant and Medical assistant.

A Mission Fulfilling Course:

The CNA Online course offered by the organization reaches to the real need of nursing assistant student in realizing his dream by learning online the best course and support of the organization. It is necessary to learn various aspects of nursing the right way and practice the principles keeping in mind the Mission of the organization. The organization teaches its students three golden rules:

  1. How to listen patients patiently?
  2. How to reach for the help of patients?
  3. How best to respect the patients?

A Nursing Assistant needs to possess perfect grasping of emergency procedures and keep himself calm while passing through the stresses in carrying out the job necessities.

CNA Online Program Features:

Online e-learning course offers opportunity to students for studying during their convenient hours and complete the learning quickly or at convenience suiting individual circumstances. All classes are available 24 hours a day for students. The expert Faculty can be accessed online for on the spot clarification with right solution to the problem.

Supporting Infrastructure:

CNA Online Clinical Labs:

The organization offers many of Clinical Laboratory Solutions like:

  1. Virtual Phlebotomy Laboratory.
  2. Virtual Injection Laboratory.
  3. Online Clinical Demonstration videos related to all the modes of Medicine administration including IM & IV injections, systemic route and effects by local applications.
  4. Practical Applications of Ultrasound.
  5. Advances in Physiotherapy.
  6. Helping patients in ambulation.

The CNA online courses have 4 to 6 weeks duration program, which is formulated with the association of professional doctors, nurses and medical assistants.

The content of CNA online courses includes introduction to pharmacology calculation practices, medical glossary, basics of nursing, knowledge of  complementary healing practices, clinical methods etc.

A CNA is responsible for providing primary services to the patients, which of their own they are not in a position to do i.e. helping in food taking, bath assistance, changing clothes and observing the patient for their health condition during their stay in the hospital.

To carry on these activities of the patients the CNA online candidates receive theoretical training online as well as practical training using the virtual laboratories available online.

Thus the candidates get encouraged and can complete the specified number of hours training to appear in the examination to get the certification after passing examination as well as practical clinical experience examination. Thus one can successfully become a CNA online.

At par with the regular cna training courses, the CNA online course also requires fulfillment of spending 75 hours online learning and clearing of the prescribed theoretical as well as clinical experience examination conducted by the respective state health Departments.

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