History behind Origin of CNA Training

The rules pertaining to cna training follows with the enforcement of Omnibus Budget Reconciliation, Act of 1987 (OBRA 1987), according to which the State Approved CNA training and courses should be of  minimum 50 hours of theory and 100 hours supervision supported clinical training. The candidates who do full participation in the program as specified by the specific states and after they pass the theoretical as well practical clinical competence test, they are called as CNA and their name is included in the state Registry. The certification is valid for 24 months and during the validity one has do the recertification.

There are specified basic skills, which the CNA must be in a position to perform, which are required while working in long term health care facility or in the home surroundings of a patient relate to caring for elderly patients and the same apply to general CNA patient care also.

Eligibility for CNA Training:

A person who holds 10th grade diploma or GED qualification is eligible to join the CNA training school the training program of which has to be approved by State Health Board. The Training school employs experienced Registered Nurses and Medical Assistants who design and formulate the course complying with the State Health Board specifications.

The CNA Training Schools:

The entry level to Nursing Profession is first to become a CNA. To impart the training to the candidates enrolled with the training school training schools are established through out the state run by vocational colleges and community colleges besides other University affiliated colleges. These schools have class room settings to impart theoretical studies and Laboratories where the students have an occasion to learn the practical aspects of CNA training. Normally the training schools impart 75 hours to 100 hours training depending on the state stipulations.

CNA Online Training:

There is provision of online training, where one can complete the training at one’s own pace. There are virtual laboratories where the candidates can have clinical experience. The online training also has to be approved by the State Health Board, which is state specific only. Before joining an online training course one must check with the state Health Board regarding it’s approval for the state.

One has to have clinical experience at a real time health care facility, by working as a volunteer.

CNA Competence Test:

All the candidates undergoing CNA training through regular colleges or through an online provider has to undergo theoretical as well as practical competence test. After passing this test name of the Candidate appears in the State Administered registry and one can now work in a hospital or any health care facility.

Providing Physical & Emotional Support:

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) performs the primary role in looking after the physical and emotional needs of the persons admitted in a healthcare facility for treatment of their disease by working under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN). CNA is also known by many different names like Nursing Assistant Certified, Patient Care Assistant, State Tested Nurse Aide or Nursing Assistant Registered, depending upon the patient health care organization, where one is working. All of them pertain to popularly known term CNA. The functions of a CNA range from Activities of Daily Living (ADL), bed side caring and basic nursing functions performance.

The place of CNA in a health care team is very vital. The CNA may be having lot of experience, but still depends on RN and Doctors for their supervision and in turn they depend on CNA for execution of the treatment advised to the patient. This is so because his CNA Certification is subject to the supervision of RN, because CNA experience is not supported by requisite qualifications and there can be legal as well liability issues in the event of a CNA overstepping over and abive what he or she is not supposed to do.

The Present day Healthcare facilities:

In the present day functioning of hospitals or long term health care facility the CNA has a specific and vital role, besides other workers, who hold higher qualifications and authority in the set up. A CNA is required to perform routine jobs, where the qualifications do not matter and thus spares the Registered Nurse performing function, permitted under the State Nurse Practice Act in respect of formulation of care plan, assessing the results, administration of medicines besides preparatory assistance in the surgery room.

On the other hand a CNA is required to possess the skills of performing the nursing functions assigned besides observing the state of health condition of the patient in respect of respiration rate, blood pressure etc. In case of an abnormal finding the registered nurse is to be informed to take over the care requiring her intervention.

The CNA is paid an average salary of $11.14 per hour and maximum being $23.16 per hour.

The routine Functions of CNA is among the following tasks:

  • Attending to Patient’s calling.
  • Bed confined patients are helpless and from time to time their position is required to be changed for prevention of development of bedsores.
  • Necessary observation of patients’ status by measurement of and recording food and liquid intake and urine output and other vital signs, and bring to notice the observations to supervising staff.
  • Assist patients in their locomotion, performing advised exercises, and helping their movement in and out of bed.
  • Providing patient care in dressing the wounds if any and supervision in exercising schedule.
  • Preparing patients undergoing surgery, specialized treatment, or consultant examinations.
  • Transporting the patients to treatment units with the help of a wheelchair or stretcher trolley.
  • Cleaning of room and changing of linens.

It is required that the nurse assistant should also possess excellent practice in conducting emergency procedures and maintain calmness, when the situations are stressful.

The option of continued education online is very useful to the Certified Nursing Assistant to enhance learning in part time by enrolling for Bachelors degree in nursing course and after few years complete the degree course and qualify for Registered Nurse and still further to Doctorate Degree in nursing.

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