Horizontal Violence in Certified Nursing Assistant

Everyone knows about the conflict about CNA. One CNA treats another one in a very poor manner. The new CNA is given hard tasks and if they make mistakes then matters get worse for them. Experienced CNA’s even takes part in this kind of harassment. This results in demotivation for the new ones and the turnover rate increases because the new ones are not satisfied with the job environment. This increases the work pressure and the quality of work decreases. People have a wrong image of the CNA and nurses. CNA are said to be non professionals. Professionalism goes down the dumpster as the CNA and nurses keep arguing in front of the patients. All these employees can work closely to put a pause to Horizontal Violence. CNA can do a lot of things to stop this kind of violence.

People do not have the courage to say that they will not indulge in activities which do not value the importance of others. Necessary and immediate changes are needed so the CNA can communicate their problems easily to those who can listen and can make a difference. As the saying, action speaks louder than word. Those who are considered as role models and have the power of changing things so they can be done in a different and better manner should do something for this. Management is always a part of Horizontal Violence. Violence starts from the top and the people under the top start copying this act of violence. Policies should be created and applied to make sure the work ethics are being followed. New changes are hard to settle with but they are good for CNA, interns and nurses.

The CNA can easily change things around by following one golden rule which is: Treat others the way you want them to treat you.

If these points are adopted in work habits than many changes can be made:

Use concern, respect and kindness while dealing with others.

Keep eye contact with those who have a higher level while listening to them.

Create examples by helping others when they need help.

Take full responsibility of your mistakes instead of blaming others for them.

Be tactful and polite when making a request.

Show respect and be polite when talking.

Keep away from back biting and gossiping.

Get close to new workers and treat them as friends.

Appreciate the nurses for their hard work.

Appreciate the people in front of others when they perform a kind job.

Give your best while working and keep yourself mentally and physically focused on the work.

Do not run from your workload.

Other’s privacy should be respected.

Always be ready to help when needed.

Keep your personal grudges away while at work.

Address associates using their first name.

Call for help if needed.

Help peers if they are absent and do their work instead of complaining.

Keep smiling.

Some of the results of the above changes:

Job satisfaction increases.

Higher self respect.

Personal power.


Faith in Self and in Others.

Lower turn over rate.

This changes the work environment into a friendly one.

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