How to Choose an Online Nursing School

For some living the dream of becoming a nurse, it is no more then that. But with the help of today’s technology it is possible to take online nursing classes to get that degree and make your dream a reality. Here are some great ways to get you started.

State Accreditation

Before you start looking into different online nursing programs you are going to want to be sure that you have a list of all the state requirements and necessary state school accreditations. You do not want to spend the money and time with an online nursing school and not be able to utilize your nursing degree or in whichever state it is you are hoping to work in.

Research is Vital

You would not buy the first pair of shoes without trying them on, and choosing a reputable online nursing school is no different. You are going to want to find out what each different online nursing school has to offer, which one is best for you, and take into consideration everything in this article.


You are going to want to be sure that the class schedule that you are going to be taking on isn’t going to be too much. Usually nursing school is a lot to deal with for any student, even when they are attending an onsite campus. When you are going to be responsible for your own work, and there is no one else to keep you accountable, you want to be sure that the schedule that the online nursing school you are looking at is realistic and can work into your daily living schedule, or that you can moderate your schedule to fit the schools accordingly.


This is one of those areas that are going to especially important when it comes to choosing your online nursing school. There are so many different scams and fake schools out that are just bound and created to steal your money and leave you high and dry. Ask around, check with onsite campuses and hospitals. Call references; ask anyone you know in the medical industry what they know about this online school and what it has to offer you, and the medical industry as a whole.

Student Support

Be sure that there is a number or email support group that you can turn to for tutoring questions, lab help and other nursing questions. You are going to need a solid and reliable source to turn to when you are in your nursing school career. Most online nursing programs will offer a weekly nursing discussion group or place to blog your praises, concerns and questions. Be sure the school you choose offers their nursing students this.


It is going to be important that when you are working so hard for all of your nursing credits online that you get them, and if need be that will be recognized and transferable to an onsite community college or university if needed.

These are all important steps in looking for an online nursing program for your college education. Good luck in your future ventures.

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