Information about Certified Nursing Assistant training

Nursing assistants are kind of nursing and doctors’ ancillary staff who are paid to provide care in hospitals, nursing homes and home care to individuals. The nursing assistants provide basic care including helping patients with basic activities of daily living (ADL’s). The support the CNAs render includes bathing, dressing, toileting and feeding if necessary. The CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) goal is to meet all the basic needs of the patient.

In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant you have to complete a classroom prospectus and hands on internship. As soon as those are completed the individual can take the CNA competency exam. The nursing assistant is the primary care taker of the patient. The nurse’s aid is responsible to report any unusual findings with a patient. The CNA knows the patient well and reports any problems to the nurse. Along with ADL’s for patient and ANX assessment in some places the nurse’s aids are trained to pass medications.

CNAs function as mediums of communication between the patients and the real medical practitioners. This is done through the report system. CNA’s can be certified to pass meds. They all should be able to perform CPR skills. Their primary goal is to keep the patient safe and report any change in symptoms to the nurse overseeing them or other medical professional. CNA’s are also called orderlies, home health aides and patient care technicians. They are all supervised under a nurse. Along with bathing, grooming and feeding some nursing assistants can take vital signs. Vital signs include temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure. CNA training offers vital emotional and social support to their patients.

It quiet easy to graduate from a CNA position to a nursing position. To become a CNA you must have your GED or high school diploma. CNA training program can last for 6 to 12 weeks. Regulations vary by state. The classroom instruction for CNA’s includes anatomy, physiology and infection control. It also includes how to roll a patient in bed and transfer them to a chair. With a good Certified Nursing Assistant training you have some options where you want to work such as nursing home, a hospital or in home health. Regulations for nursing assistant certification may vary from area to the other or in fact from one state to the other. They may be different in one state compared to another. CNA salaries range from $19,925 to $29,764. The top CNA’s make $35,377. The salary depends on how many years of experience the person has. Generally, CNA’s in a hospital setting make the most money. Certified Nursing Assistants are always under the supervision of LPN or RN. They are the first line of assessment in nursing.

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