Joining Certified Nursing Assistant Job

There are great opportunities if one decides to join a Certified Nursing Assistant Job, which can be enumerated as given below:

1. One can learn while on the job to become professionally competent for career advancement.

2. The job offers opportunities to become self reliant, highly disciplined required for personality development.

3. One can learn excellent communication skills and personal relations necessary for a successful and happy living in the environment.

4. One is always in the Company very successful Medical professional, who share their experiences and enriches the knowledge base of the profession not found through text books.

Job Opportunity Scenario:

There is relatively high requirement of persons intending to join (CNA) jobs because of following factors:

• The beginning is very simple because of great ever increasing jobs in this field and relaxed recruitment norms in respect of basic educational qualifications.

• At present there is increase in the demand for them because every year there is increase in the number of persons requiring health care help. This reflects higher degree of security of job besides rapid progress in career development.

• One can find the job by submitting CV online at a number of portals offering their services of forwarding the CV to the employers listed with them for the job of Certified Nursing Assistant. The employers looking at the CV and determining the eligibility factor send a call for interview.

• One is required to be committed to serve humanity and learn every thing else on the job. After completion of prescribed working hours one can pass a theoretical examination confined to practical details of job and become qualified to become Certified Nursing Assistant.

• At the interview the employer is interested to see that one has necessary aptitude and commitment for serving humanity and is willing to work at odd hours also to perform the night duties on rotation basis. Has the stamina to cooperate with other team members in smoothly carrying out the assignment.

• Every one apparently have the capabilities to become a Certified nursing assistant, but some candidates have negative attitudes, which the employers determine at the personal interview and make their selection based upon how well you present your self before the employer and give spontaneous answers to the questions asked at the interview.

After the selection is over the next activity is joining the job and learning the practical aspects of the job, while working under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse, who has a long experience of nursing and by virtue of the qualifications and experience can train and guide a raw applicant to the job, who has opted to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Profile:

• The job of the nursing assistant operates round the clock in three shifts of morning, afternoon and night shifts by rotation so that every one shares the load of odd hour duties in perfect harmony.

• The nursing assistant is briefed and assigned a number of activities of observing and recording things like pulse rate, temperature, B.P. etc. of the patients admitted in the hospital and under his charge.

• In some cases he also records the food and measured water intake and urine output.

• If the patient is immobilized he is responsible for his hygienic care on the bed and taking him to the doctor for consultation or for carrying out radiological and pathological investigations.

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