Basic rules one must follow to provide first aid

What is first aid? First Aid is nothing but an emergency assistance or care extended to a person, who suddenly gets injured in an accident, or falls ill due to some problem such as a heart attack. Who does this assistance? Obviously, it is those persons who are around that person at the time of accident, may be bystanders, or passers-by at that time.

You might be one of the many people who come across such accidents or emergency situations that happen in your locality occasionally. What will you do at that time? As a compassionate person, you will no doubt rush to provide your assistance with the primary intention of saving that person’s life and also ensuring that his or her condition does not deteriorate further before medical attention arrives at the spot. How will you do that assistance or help?

You can equip yourself with the required training to meet such emergencies. All you need to do is to enroll for a first aid training course, conducted in your locality by many institutions such as the fire department, voluntary health organizations and of course, the Red Cross chapter in your region.

Irrespective of whether you are a trained in first aid course or not, you need to ensure some basic things before rushing for assistance to the person.

Please ensure your safety before going to assist the suffering person. You need to look around the spot where the suffering person is located and ensure that the path is safe – in that there are no glass pieces or such other hazardous materials around the person. Clear your way to the patient and then approach him or her and speak to the person. Ensure that the person is awake and is capable of talking. Get to know what happened and how he or she feels, before providing any assistance. If the person fainted or is unconscious, then shout for help from others, and also direct a person or two to call for ambulance.

If the person is conscious and responds to you, assess what had happened, inspect the area of injury, and start providing the first aid treatment. The most important thing is DO NOT PANIC and create fear in the mind of the affected person. That might complicate the problems for the affected person.

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