What will you learn in emergency first aid course

Emergency first aid is provided to a person suffering from any unforeseen and unexpected health-related problem such as heart attack, or burns following fire accident in the work spot or even accident or any other such unforeseen event.

The first thing that needs to be done before providing proper medical attention from a nearby hospital or clinic is the emergency first aid. It is beneficial for every one to be aware of the things that must be done as emergency first aid as and when you see a event in front of you. Action taken immediately without losing precious seconds if not minutes can help in saving the life of a patient.

Many hospital and other voluntary health organizations provide this course for a nominal fee.

In an emergency first aid course, you will be taught the following things:

• Principles of first aid and the sequencing of measures
• Disorders related to breathing and circulatory system
• how to manage and arrest bleeding
• cardiopulmonary resuscitation
• how to handle scalds and burns
• how to tackle poisoning
• how to handle brain disorder
• how to provide first aid for muscle ligaments, joints and bone injuries

Awareness and knowledge of first aid can be very useful not only in your home, but also in your workplace and the society at large so that you can ensure safety and also provide assistance instantly and help in saving lives in the nick of time.

You will not only be taught the theoretical aspects of the above mentioned emergency situations which cannot be foreseen in advance, but also the practical application of the first aid measures, which will prepare you to tackle the situations.

To get trained in emergency first aid course, you need not have any exposure or experience in the medical field. All you need is the will and the compassion to help the person suffering from an unforeseen casualty or event.

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