Who should get advanced training in first aid?

First aid is nothing but the first and immediate help provided for a person in the case of emergency with the primary intention of saving that person’s life and preventing him or her from further deterioration before the person could be taken to the nearby hospital for further diagnosis and medical treatment, if needed.

Everybody is entitled as well as responsible to extend help to the other person and can play an important role in saving that person’s life. Thus, basic knowledge about first aid is very much essential for all the people who care for themselves as well as for the world in which they live.

There are some people in the community who are expected to get advanced training in first aid than other people, because the probability of countering emergency situations and the need to react for such emergencies will be more.

Let us take the case of teachers in the primary school or secondary school. Not just awareness of first aid but advanced first aid training is essential for the teachers, because the probabilities of injuries to the children under their control in the school are more. When a child injuries itself in the playground, you, as a teacher, has to react instantly and do the first aid as early as possible. The teacher should get advanced first aid training.

All teachers are also parents at their home and all parents need to take care of their children. As such, both the parents, and most especially, the mothers should not just be aware of first aid training, but also get advanced first aid training, so that they can take care of the children with adequate precautions.

The cops or the police personnel, who protect the community, should have advanced first aid training course. Police personnel are among the set of people who deal with the risks on a day-to-day basis and encounter many challenges. They should be professionally trained in advanced first aid training course.

Drivers of various modes of transport, be it a car, a train, a bus or even an airplane, should definitely have advanced first aid training, because the nature of their services do require the skill to encounter risks and save the life of many people.

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