Nursing in Saudi Arabia: Salary

For the last 20 years the world saw a definite surge in the need for healthcare workers, nurses most specially, in Saudi Arabia. Registered nurses became partial to working in Saudi Arabia for many reasons. Some claim that they want to travel and experience a different kind of working setup that is why they chose to work in Saudi Arabia. Others want to be adventurous and live the culture of Saudi Arabia. The greater percentage of registered nursed choose Saudi Arabia for the lucrative and tax-free salaries.

A registered nurse’s salary is dependent on the RNs experience and place of employment. Some hospitals pay more for the basically the same work in another hospital. The salary range is from US$23,000 to US$33,000. The rates are usually based on your country of origin’s rate. The salary might not be at par with the rates you can get in a US or UK hospital but the plus point here is that nursing in Saudi Arabia salary is tax free. You get your salary as is with a performance bonus at the end of each service year.

Some of the benefits of working in Saudi Arabia are you get to save as housing is provided by the hospital. The free housing provision is furnished and within the hospital’s compound that there’s no need for you to even commute. In cases where the housing facility is outside the hospital compound shuttle to and from work is provided. A six to ten weeks of paid vacation in included in your job on top of a round trip ticket to your point of origin or hire. Medical coverage is 100% free. The opportunity to travel is extensive. You would also be exposed to working in a multi-national environment in a highly modern tertiary hospital.

Majority of contracts for RNs are “single” contracts. This means that married RNs cannot take their families with them. However, ranking medical staff and administrators are allowed to bring their families. Contracts are either 1 or 2 years, renewable as agreed by the RN and the employer.

Note that the nursing in Saudi Arabia salary is paid at the end of each month in Riyals. The money is directly deposited into the RN’s ATM account or bank account. This mode of payment has been the system for quite some time now.

The low cost of living in Saudi Arabia stretches your salary further in Saudi Arabia. You will have more money to send back home, have more to spare if you want to travel and even have a lot to spare for shopping.

Working in Saudi Arabia is fairly safe as you live within the confines of the hospital. There is a marked difference in cultures but as long as you follow basic rules, then you will not have a problem. You can wear anything you like while in the confines of your house but as soon as you go out the streets you must wear the regulatory “abaya” over our clothes.

Nursing is nursing so there is no need for further training to be accepted in Saudi Arabia Hospital.

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