Nursing Job in Saudi Arabia: A Great Opportunity

More and more healthcare providers are interested in working in Saudi Arabia. A nursing Job in Saudi Arabia could be found in almost all the departments of a tertiary hospital. The job could be in the medical and surgical departments, ICU, ITU, operating room, emergency room, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics and even home care.

It is not that hard to apply for a position for a nursing job in Saudi Arabia. There are myriad of local and international health care recruiting agencies that are all more than willing to help you apply for a job. Currently there is still a shortage of health care providers especially RNs all in almost highly urbanized cities and countries. The shortage is being regulated by these healthcare recruiting agencies by overseeing their placements for RN applicants.

Some RNs are intimidated in applying for a nursing job in Saudi Arabia because of some unfounded news regarding working in Saudi Arabia. There is no truth that all foreign women have to cover their faces while in Saudi Arabia. However, once you leave the compound you have to wear an “Abaya” or a black loose overall over your regular clothes. Nurses are free to go shopping on their own, visit friends, and more unescorted. You will not put to jail if you fail to have an escort or walk behind a man. The traditions of Saudi women do not apply to foreigners.

If truth be told, healthcare providers are earning a lot of money in Saudi Arabia. The working and living conditions in Saudi Arabia are favorable for nurses and other healthcare providers that there is actually a long queue in applications for a Saudi Arabia hospital. Note that there are no American or Canadian hospitals in Saudi Arabia or at American compounds. Hospitals have their own compounds and most housing facilities for nurses are within the compound too. In cases where some nurses have their own families in Saudi Arabia too, a separate housing facility at the expense of that particular nurse is expected.

Applying for a nursing job in Saudi Arabia is mostly through an agency. If you are interested in applying for a nursing job in Saudi Arabia, note the track record of the said company. Do not be swayed by offers that are too incredible to be true and at placement rates too cheap to be true too. Look for reputable recruiting agencies. You can ask some friends who have had experience in using the services of a placement or recruiting agency.

Here are some qualifications that are essential for you to even pass first screening.

• Bachelor of Science in Nursing at a reputable university
• A minimum of 2 years experience
• Current registration and certification with a Nursing Council or its equivalent
• A Western-based qualification with at least three years training for the related course
• A post graduate training is highly favorable

Note that experience is a qualifying factor when salaries are being discussed.

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