Origin of Nursing Education Concept

The Feelings of Nursing Student:

One feels proud of following the thoughts and principles of Florence Nightingale, when one studies in a nursing school and completes the course and becomes a qualified nurse.

Florence Nightingale is the great personality behind every aspects of nursing including idea of establishment of nursing school, which came into existence in the year 1860 at St. Thomas Hospital, London by the name Nightingale Training School for Nurses. It is the first school of it’s kind in the world history. She was of the view that the nurses need training and developing observatory skills and display kindness to patients and realizing their needs, which they themselves are unable to take care.

Result of Vision & Motivational Forces:

Florence had the vision that after training the qualified nurses shall be in a position to serve at all the hospitals in UK. So far the activities were localized only. The idea of Qualified nurses, which she conceived met with great success and as a result many of the Britain Universities started courses for educating nurses. University of Manchester has the distinction of first University, where there was facility of Degree level learning.

The entry to the nursing courses operated by many universities is Five standard Grade or GCSE. The student should have studied English, Maths and Science preferably Bio Science with two High A-levels in their education. Students over the age of 21 get a chance to enter this course after clearing college access course with job experience of health assistant or nursing assistant.

The Nursing Training schedule:

As per the present nursing education the schools offer three year degree course in nursing in UK, which relates to course studying in the classes side by side gaining practical training in the hospitals.

During the first year of the course one learns anatomy, physiology and basics of healthcare. The second year offers specialized nursing care in any of the fields like adult nursing, pediatric nursing, mental health or nursing care for patients with disability. After choosing one of the above fields the nurse thereafter works in the specialized field when they get the placement.

After studying in the third year the nursing course is completed. One has the choice to end the education with diploma or continuing with degree essays. Students who had chosen midwifery as their area of specialization at the beginning of first year make their registration with Nursing & midwifery council have the eligibility to do a job and carry on practice legitimately.

Nursing Schools Fulfilling Objectives:

Nursing Schools are established to impart nursing education through various diploma or degree courses after completion of the courses and passing the related examination one attains the status of a qualified nurse. The curriculum of nursing education and qualification achieved varies from school to school and the region, where it is located. There has been tremendous expansion of the healthcare services and so also the nursing education witnessed revolutionary changes in the techniques and contents based on the present day advancement in technology and specializations in medicine and surgery.

Role of State Health Boards:

The Nursing education is subject to approvals by State Health Boards and the courses vary from state to state and in the present day scenario there are vast number of reputed Universities conducting their nursing diploma and degree courses through affiliated colleges and schools.

On successful completion of the nursing education one is required to pass the State Health Board sponsored theoretical as well as practical examinations like National Council Licensure Examination abbreviated as NCLEX, for Registered Nurses the examination is NCLEX-RN.

After passing these examinations the student is registered with the registry of the State Health Board and is in a position to get employment as Certified Nursing Assistant or Registered Nurse depending upon the education qualifications completed.

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