Prospects of Certified Nursing Assistant

There are situations, when one is not in position to spend three or more number of years in a nursing degree course, besides incurring expenditure for such a course. In such circumstances to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is very appropriate decision. After becoming a CNA, one gets the opportunity to handle all the patient caring under the supervision of a Registered Nurse and is known by different designations like patient care technician or home health aide depending on the locations, where one is working.

The most urgent task of the CNA is supporting physical as well as emotional requirements of the patient, while the patient is admitted for treatment in the health care facility like a hospital, nursing home etc. The job profile of a CNA includes bathing of the patient, changing his / her clothes, helping in feeding, recording daily the vital signs like temperature reading, pulse feeling, measuring blood pressure, respiration rate etc. on resumption of the duty.

All these are hard jobs and while performing them, the CNA leaves a deep impact in the minds of the patient. When the CNA is working in the patient’s home environment as home health aide they take care of elderly person in the family or a person having developed a physical disability or a person convalescing after the treatment of a disease.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant:

For becoming a CNA one is required to possess a high school diploma or a GED qualification. There after the CNA training course is of 2 to 5 months duration depending upon how many hours of training one completes in a week. The training is carried out in a vocational or a community college or even a hospital. The training duration varies from 75 hours to 100 hours depending upon the state, where one plans to work.

The CNA training includes basics of health care, skills related to personal care, anatomical studies and human physiology, role of nutrition in health, effective communications etc. The CNA students are also required to work in clinical real time conditions and learn the skills, which they shall be required to perform while working at a job in a health care facility.

CNA training course has been developed for helping the students to pass compulsory CNA State certification examination. There are 21 competencies, which are part of CNA job and one has to learn them and practice also. These competencies are defined in the Federal law governing CNA training. Among them the most prominent are reading and recording of vital signs, ensuring healthy environment where the patient stays during admission, looking after emergency procedures and safely transferring the patient, when required.

Anticipated Expansion in Nursing Jobs:

The field of nursing offers highest number of jobs and by the year 2014 there shall be more than 27 % expansion in the services of nursing. According to US Bureau of heath statistics nursing is the fastest growing profession in US at a time when other sectors are in deep recession leading to lay offs. It is the right time to change the career if one is facing stagnation in the present career.

One earns on an average $10 per hour and about 10 % of the CNAs are earning about $14 per hour.

After one passes the certification examination, the name and particulars of the individual are included in the State Nurse Aid Registry and one becomes eligible to work in all the health care facilities under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. This is the beginning of a nursing career having options of online continued education and further advancement in the career. The CNA Certification is valid for period of 24 months and before the expiry of the 24th month one has to get the recertification done by appearing in the state administered examination for the purpose.

The CNA job is carried out round the clock and to facilitate the day working is divided into three shifts of morning, after and Night. Working in a particular shift is altered once in a month so that every one gets fair chance of working in all the shifts every month by rotation.

Progression from CNA to Registered Nurse:

There is potential to earn more with the increase in experience. A Certified Nursing Assistant can advance in his career to become a registered nurse by following online continued education online in one’s spare time and complete bachelor’s degree course in nursing and pass the state administered examination to become a Registered nurse.

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