Resume writing tips for the dream CNA job

You must be dreaming of getting that much waited CNA job which you have been looking for quite some time now! As you apply for your CNA job keep it in mind that the employers are receiving a number of resumes each day. So your resume needs to be written in a way that it can hook down the attention of the employer in the first glance. Make sure you have an effective and concrete resume to increase your chance of getting the dream CNA job.

  • Information about personal contact should be provided at the top of the resume. Personal information like the first name and last name of the candidate, the present address, telephone number and email id should be provided
  • The objective of your resume for a CNA job should be very impressive. It should be brief and be able to arrest the attention of the employers. This would make the employer to call you for an interview. The objective of resume should be written in an explicit manner so that the employer gets to know about your capability. The objective of resume should be able to convey the message about what you can do for the organization. Employers should be made to believe by your resume that you are the idle one for the desired position
  • Make sure that you list down the schools from where you have done your different educational training programs. A mention of the degrees and certifications received by the applicant should be there in the resume. Mention precisely about the time when you received your degrees or certifications
  • Mentioning about the previous work experience is very important. The previous work experience would make the employer realize that you have a strong ethic for work. The resume should include information about your responsibilities. The skills of the applicant should also be mentioned in the resume for a CNA job
  • Work experience in any volunteer organization would be given credential by the employer. If the volunteer work is related to any kind of nursing home or hospital then it is always better
  • One thing that you should bear in mind is that references should be provided by you to the employers only when requested. Make sure that you are always ready with your references so that it can be provided in a prompt manner whenever it is asked for by the employer
  • Proofread the resume for any missing points before you submit it for getting your dream CNA job
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