Why choose Nursing as a career or profession?

It is a dilemma every individual faces in his early days or just at the end of the schooling or college career – Which profession to choose and make a living?

Many people would have dreams of taking up this profession or that one in his or her early days of schooling. If you, for example, go to a school and ask the young children what would be your ambition in life or goal, then you will get interesting answers. One would say, I want to become an engineer, the other might say that he wants to become a Doctor and the third one might say that he want to become a Pilot. But it is a sad truth that 9 out of 10 people having dreams do not make it to happen, probably due to other circumstances, change of priorities, or some other valid reasons.

When the final stage of making a decision in life, especially with regard to career, stares at you, then you would obviously give more preference to the future prospects and income opportunities, and put out your childhood dreams or aspirations to the back burner or even to the dustbin.

The things you should or would normally consider while choosing a profession is the growth prospects or opportunities, the stability factor and the most important one, the remuneration part. These things do play a role in decision-making. In addition to these aspects, the other important factor that plays a role in choosing the career is your passion.

Whatever may be the monetary gains you can get from a profession or the status, as long as you are not passionate about the job, you are unlikely to succeed in that job and might not even meet your aspirations. The mental attitude and the satisfaction in your career or profession is what make a successful professional.

Nursing is a profession where you can make a change in a person’s life. In simple words, it the nurse who converts a patient to a person. Some might argue that it is the doctor who cures the patient’s disease with his correct assessment and appropriate medications. Yes. It is true that the doctor’s did his duty. But proper execution of the work and ensuring that the patient does follow what the doctor advised is but the responsibility of the nurse looking after the patient. Thus, nurse has a role to play in converting a patient to a person.

Coming to the second aspect of monetary gains, the profession of nursing is gaining its due recognition and is also among the well-paid jobs in the employment world. If there is one profession in the world that will not suffer due to the cycles of economy – such as boom, growth, recession, and recovery, then it must be healthcare. Nursing is a challenging and rewarding profession in this healthcare field. Nurses are meant not only to treat the patients coming to a clinic or hospital with a disease. Nurses are also hired by aged people, disabled, and others who have been challenged physically and mentally.

Nursing profession, or becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, is the first step in this vast area of healthcare. The opportunities for growth are abundant. You can become a specialist is a specific department – something like cardiac department, surgical department or any such department you may want to choose.

The primary requirement is the passion for the job and the urge to serve the needy people.

If you feel for the pains of the other people and want to do some sort of service to those people, which would not only help you with monetary gains, but also, more importantly, provide you a sense of job satisfaction, then the profession of Nursing is the ideal one.

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