Common medical terms for diagnosing activity or rest

The medical terms used in the diagnosis of an ailment are very essential and it is the responsibility of the nurses to be aware of the medical terms that are closely associated with the problems narrated by the person coming for treatment. A correct interpretation of the problems narrated by the patient will help in better and accurate treatment of the problem.

The common terms associated with activity or rest of patient are:

• Activity intolerance
• Risk for disuse syndrome
• Diversional activity deficit
• Impaired bed mobility
• Impaired physical mobility
• Impaired wheelchair mobility
• Sleep deprivation
• Disturbed sleep pattern
• Readiness for enhanced sleep
• Impaired transfer ability
• Impaired walking

If a patient expresses some sort of inability in completing his or her daily activities due to lack of, or insufficient, energy, either physiologically or psychologically, then he or she might be suffering from Activity Intolerance.

If a person is forced to keep his musculoskeletal activity to the minimum or could not engage himself or herself in normal musculoskeletal activity, then he or she might be at risk for disuse syndrome, due to deterioration of the body system as a result of inactive musculoskeletal system.

Impaired bed mobility, impaired physical mobility, impaired wheelchair mobility and impaired transfer ability are all related with the inability related to free movement, probably due to inability to move around in bed, walk freely, lack of space around wheelchair to move around, and inability to transfer oneself from one position to other position in the bed.

Sleep, in medical terms, is nothing but a periodic suspension of a person’s consciousness. If that periodic suspension of consciousness is disturbed, then it is referred to as sleep deprivation, and the sleep in between such distractions is referred to as disturbed sleep pattern.

The bliss for any person is to get ready for enhanced sleep without any disturbance such that the consciousness can be strengthened after sufficient rest, thus paving way for a better lifestyle.

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