Communicable Disease – Important facts for Nursing Assistants

Communicable diseases transfer from one person to another individual. These common diseases are cold, flu, tuberculosis, HIV, measles, herpes, strep throat, lice, and chicken pox. All these diseases are contagious. People who already have medical problems, their immune system are not capable enough to fight with the diseases. Such people do not recover very easily and these people are weak.

These diseases spread with the aid of the human wastes which includes urine, stools, saliva, other bodily fluids and blood. Mobile droplets from the mouth and nose are also common transmitters. These diseases transfer like wild fire so all individuals have to take good care of them. One should wash his hands thoroughly. Most germs are killed because they cannot stand with water and soap. Nursing assistants are advised to clean their hands frequently because they are always in contact with the people infected with communicable diseases.

If you are infected with any symptoms of communicable disease it is the responsibility of these nurses to report to their supervisors. The supervisor will immediately attend the situation and think of an action. It is advisable that an infected nurse assistant does not attend the jobs until the symptoms of the disease have worn off. Nurses can wear a respirator to prevent the transfer of disease. In major cases the disease should be reported to the health department.

Some diseases that transfer can be cured with the use of antibiotics. Other diseases including the common cold will run its course. You can minimize its course by washing your hands, taking vitamins, keeping track of all immunizations and receiving a yearly flu shot. Learning about such diseases are an important parts of the nursing job. Almost all medical institutions train their workers about these diseases. On the job training is given to limit the spread of these diseases and this is important in all job settings. Medical settings even train their employees.

Each medical institution has different procedures and processes to manage the transfer of these diseases. One should learn them and know how to handle in all different situations. Epidemics of transferable diseases need emergency processes to take place. All agencies should train their employees to react properly according to the situation.

Nursing Assistants are in contact with patient’s bodily fluids every day. This is one of the most common means they are infected by transferable diseases. One should always wear rubber gloves when doing their jobs such as changing dirty bedding, clothing and emptying bedpans. One should use a sterile disinfectant during cleaning as it is very important. In case bodily fluids touch you, immediately wash hands with soap and water and report the incident. The report will contain information about the type of bodily fluids that came in contact with and how the incident happens.

Communicable diseases are something that some people are not aware about their nature. It is very important that nursing aids do have a complete background about these so that they understand the risk factors involved with being contacted with these transferable diseases.

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