Considering Nurse Agency Solution for Nurse Shortage

The present situation of recruiting nurses, therapists, pharmacists etc. is very tough. Reputed Nurse Agencies are better placed to provide nursing staff of all categories to the hospitals and nursing homes.

The statistics suggest that presently 84 % of US hospitals are understaffed and their service is affected due to nursing staff shortages experienced by them. With the present nursing shortage the situation is going to be worse in the following years as expressed by the American Hospital Association.   

Registered Nurses Availability v/s Requirement:

The requirement of nurses is much higher than the requirement and in a short time it is not possible to get these nurses so quickly even in spite new training programs launched. The shortage of nursing staff is so severe that besides the suffering at the hospital set ups, there is no availability of nurses for community welfare programs. About half a century before there was never any shortage in the nursing staff felt. Considering the long term need of nurses, the present shortage is going to exceed in it’s dimensions beyond imagination.

Even with the arrival of offshore nurses, the shortage is bound to remain since the shortage. The shortage experienced is in certain specific high skilful areas of specialization like kidney dialysis, surgery and intensive care departments. 

Wrong way of Managing Nurse Shortage:

It is a sad situation that the hospitals are resorting to deployment of traveling nurses can be compared to a situation selecting a less effective solution, when the need is of a solution many times potent. Use of travel nurse in place of low salary staff has capability producing an imbalance in already staff in short supply. Some nurses may leave to become a travel nurse because of capability of earning more. This situation is required to be reversed to prevent further damage of understaffing of nurses.

Thinking of travel nurses, temporary staffing agencies become expensive short term solutions affecting profitability, staff moral and retention aspects resulting into shortfall in the level of patient care.

By resorting to overtime payment to get, additional services from low level staff, results in poor performance of the nurses besides inflated budgeted expenditure.

Based on the analysis carried out by AONE, the expenditure per Registered nurse is $50,000 partly accounted for with balance unaccounted in a year.

The actual total costs of turnover are $42,000 per medical/ surgical RN and $64,000 per specialty nurse.

The Benefits of Availing Nurse Agency:

It is possible to get benefit from long term solution and correct the staff crisis with prescreened nurses with total guarantee regarding candidates procured through reputed nurse agencies. One also benefits in cutting cost in selection process of the nurses by self involvement. One saves on time spent in selection process. Some of the benefits can be viewed as below:

  • More retention Time for the Nurses, by signing a 36 months contract with the nurses secured through reputed nursing agency.
  • Ready availability of adequately trained nurses and therapists.
  • Meeting the affordability criteria, there is likely hood of saving around 40 %.
  • Increase in the profitability or the healthcare facility.
  • Better performance because newly hired nurses are highly motivated in comparison to other nurses in contrast to traveling nurses.
  • Nursing agency takes care of al the matters related to immigration support and searching the creditworthiness of the nurse before considered for appointment.
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