Demand For Nursing

With an increase in the shortage of qualified nurses, the nursing industry has a lot of opportunities for registered nurses and nursing is considered as one of the most aspired jobs in the coming years. The increase in the shortage simply means that, youngsters who join the nursing industry can jot down their success story in a short time, with sheer dedication and passion.

The major factors contributing to the shortage are – not many students are enrolling in nursing schools, faculty at nursing schools being very limited, etc. With a majority of population being in the old age, there is also a growing demand for qualified nurses. A rapid growth in population requires a lot of nurses. The existing nurses are growing old and there are not enough nursing graduates to replace them. Therefore there is a increasing demand for nurses in medical institutions and hospitals, especially those who can provide specialized care.

The shortage in qualified nurses has been an existent problem since the world war II, but the experts believe that the current situation is a unique and serious one. According to them, this is a classic example of demand and supply shortage, which is based on a range of factors such as – a steep growth in population in few of the states, a decline in the students enrolling in nursing and getting their graduation, existing aging workforce on the brink of retiring, etc. With no new replacements, there are a lot of vacancies for specialized and intensive care services. This shortage is occurring worldwide.

With an increase in the use of new and sophisticated technology, the treatments are taking less time and there is a decrease in the average stay at the hospital, but this comes at an additional cost of being under constant supervision, which in turn increases the need for skilled and specialized nurses. There is a emerging need for experienced nurses with specialized skills.

Health care is one of the sectors that is evergreen, with an increase in new hospitals and medical institutions, there is a constant increase in the number of in patients thereby the need for nursing staff is growing by the day. One more factor which is a cause of concern is that the average age at which they are entering the profession is 31. The older they step in to the profession, the lesser are the number of years they can render their services.

There is a need to reverse this trend and there are certain steps that can be followed to achieve this. It is time, when the importance of nurses in the health care industry is to be highlighted and an awareness is to be created in the general public. There is a need to break the jinx related to nursing and portray it as a profession which is very versatile and which provides a chance to learn new technology. This can be done by providing ways to the nurses to pursue higher education. Promoting the nursing industry can prove to be very beneficial, and this is the need of the hour too.

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