Diploma or an Associate Degree?

The current trend of shortage of qualified nurses to meet the required demand it surely is a great idea for men and women in this era to think about a career in nursing. In case if they are interested they try find out the best way complete a nursing degree. If you are student in the high school and think seriously about a career in nursing or even person in different seriously contemplating a move in to the field of nursing and change careers all that you need is a nursing degree to help you step in the wide field of nursing. Most definitely nursing can give you a fantastic career with high rewards along with long term growth and specialization.

Once you have made up your mind on the fact that nursing would be your choice of career and if you want step into it or rather jump in to it early, either an associate degree or a nursing diploma would help you to achieve that goal. One of these is sufficient enough for you to get an entry level job in the profession of nursing. But diploma and associate degree have their own advantages which you must consider before taking an decision to choose either of them.

Diploma in Nursing:

Diploma courses which are offered by hospitals generally take about 2 years to 3 years for completion. Also they give a complete preparation to students on caring for patients directly in hospitals or other inpatients. Diploma in nursing will give you a ticket to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam and then to apply for a license to become a registered nurse.

The total numbers of hospitals that provide nursing diploma course have reduced from eight hundred during the 1970’s to roughly lesser than hundred now in the United states of America. Even the ones which exists now are generally affiliated with the community colleges in the students can take up classes for liberal arts which are basic and fulfill the conditions for an associate’s degree in the profession of nursing

Associate’s Degree in Nursing:

Associate’s Degree in nursing is a cost effective program, which is an alternative to a bachelor’s degree. Students can easily earn an associate’s degree at a community college and also on any four year educational institutions across the whole country. The focus of a two year associate’s degree in nursing is on technical skills which are needed in the field of nursing. The technical skills that required in nursing include basic mathematics, English and also science to give a complete package of education.

Students who are graduates of this course will become eligible to take up the NCLEX-RN test and then they can very well apply for the Registered nurse license. Associate degrees will give make the nursing students qualify for various entry level lobs in the field of nursing either in hospitals facilities or other inpatient facilities. This degree other than opening the doors for the students fine entry level nursing jobs also forms a stepping stone students who are interested in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

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