Educational qualifications required to become a Registered Nurse

The profession of nursing is the most satisfying one for a person filled with compassion, patience and the drive to help the people at times of distress, especially in connection with health related issues.

Becoming a registered nurse will be an ideal choice for a person to fulfill this ambition or desire.  In monetary terms, the remuneration that a qualified or registered nurse can expect to get is also very competitive in comparison with any other profession.  The prospect of a secured job and options for specialization and promotions to higher level make the job all the more enticing.

Who can become a registered nurse? Or in other words, what is the qualification to become a registered nurse?

The first and foremost thing one needs to ensure, after completion of the high school studies, is that he or she has the mental strength and the passion to take up the challenging job of nursing.  The job calls for challenges under tough and trying conditions.  The job also provides the mental satisfaction of having made an invaluable impact in a patient’s life and transformed that patient into a normal person will be much higher than the pains and challenges of the job.

This kind of mental preparation will have a huge impact on the attitude towards the profession and paves way for success in the profession.

One can become a registered nurse in three ways.  They are:

  1. become a graduate in nursing by completing the bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN) program
  2. by obtaining an associate degree in nursing (ADN), or
  3. taking up diploma courses in nursing

A number of colleges and universities offer the BSN programs to the aspiring students.  One can enroll to the BSN course and spend 4 years in the college pursuing the study to get the graduate degree in nursing.

One can obtain an associated degree in nursing or ADN by enrolling in any one of the junior colleges or community colleges that offer this specialized courses to aspiring students.  It takes about 2 or 3 years to complete the course and obtain an associate degree in nursing.

Hospitals do offer some kind of specialized nursing programs through a series of diploma courses.  One can get a diploma in nursing by enrolling in any of these diploma programs.  It takes anywhere between 2 and 3 years to complete the course and obtain the diploma.

If a person graduates himself or herself through any one of the above-mentioned three means, then he or she can get entry into a hospital as a registered nurse.

The scope for advancement and specialization in healthcare sector is enormous, and a person, having acquired the basic entry-level qualification for a registered nurse can choose any specialized course or area to gain further expertise.

Typically, the bachelor’s degree in nursing would be an ideal platform for becoming a registered nurse, because most registered nurses with this degree qualification in nursing stand a better chance to get more specialized training in additional skills such as leadership, communication and critical thinking.

People can pursue for higher studies such as Master’s Degree in Nursing for gaining more expertise and enhance the chances for more remuneration.

People with qualifications such as Associate degree in nursing (ADN) or Diploma in nursing can become registered nurses at entry level and need to take up other specialized training programs to step up the ladder and take up more responsibilities.

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