Essential element of nursing: bed-side manner

The success of a nurse in treating the patients with care can be ascertained by the way he or she treats and interacts with the patient entrusted to him or her for care and treatment. Is there any way in which the duties of a nurse be assessed in a micro way? Yes. It is quite possible to find out the qualities and attitude of a nurse at work. All you need to do is to just watch out the bedside manners of the nurse and they will tell you the story of the nurse.

What is bedside manner?

Bedside manner is a whole term that describes, in a nutshell, how the patient is effectively handled by the nurse. It is the responsibility of the nurse to reassure and provide adequate level of comfort to the patient. The level of comfort does not simply mean the arrangement of the bed for the patient to lie down or take rest.

Instead, the level of comfort refers to those activities that are acceptable to the patient and brings about a sense of satisfaction in the patient. This includes the tone of the nurse, the body language of the nurse while treating the patient, the attitude towards essential services to the patient and such other smaller or trivial things make a huge impact on the patient.

The nurses are constantly under the scrutiny of the patient, the family members of the patient as well as other hospital officials including nursing educators and other supervisors, especially while doing his or her activities for the patient, or, simply, in other words, the bedside manner is being watched or monitored very closely by others.

Cultivating and developing good bedside manners is the first step towards a successful career in this profession for a qualified nurse. Not many books are there to walk through the activities of a nurse or the bed-side mannerisms. It cannot be just learned academically from books. Watching other senior nurses’ performance as well as your own inclination or determination to serve the patient with utmost care is the one that cultivates good bedside manners to an aspiring and ambitious nurse.

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