Essential personality skills a nurse should have

Nursing profession is the most satisfying and challenging profession among all the professions that are available for a student to choose from. The increasing demand for nurses in healthcare industry, the decent financial package and opportunities for further growth might lure many people to this noble profession.

You need to have some special traits or skills that will help you in a long way in taking up this profession and achieve success both financially, and mentally in the form of immense job satisfaction.

The typical personality traits that an aspiring nurse or a future nurse should have include the following:

• compassion
• dedication
• responsibility
• honesty
• loyalty
• mental strength or inner strength, and
• calmness or level-headed nature

As a nurse, you should have the urge and motivation coupled with compassion to help other people and also the determination to make an impact in the other person’s life in such a way that he or she will become persons from the state of patients.

It is the responsibility of the nurse to ensure that a patient is saved, in the first instance, from further deterioration in his or her health condition by providing adequate care with affection and kindness.

While treating the patient, a nurse should be honest enough to do what she or he knows and accept his inability or lack of knowledge when questioned by the patient about the state of health. Giving false promises or misleading the patients should not be done by the nurse.

All days at work may not be good or satisfactory. As a nurse, you may have to see some bad moments such as death of a patient despite your best efforts to save the life, a still born baby, a premature death or such other unfortunate events. You should, as a nurse, have the mental strength and capability to withstand such setbacks and take things in your stride. You should act with confidence and at the same time with relative calmness and ease such that there is no sign of panic or concern in your face which might bother the patient and the other family members of the patient.

Thus, the nursing profession demands, at the minimum, these personality traits from a person aspiring to become a nurse.

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