Essential procedures that every nurse should know and follow

In our earlier articles we talked about Essential elements of Nursing, in this one we will look some other essential procedures.

The profession of nursing is a noble one and also a very challenging one. As a nurse, you are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the general well-being of the patient and help him or her recover from the ailment and get back to their normal life, as they were before contracting the disease or ailment.

Irrespective of the location or place of your work place, a nurse should ensure that the following basic procedures are carefully followed and implemented. These procedures are universal for nurses all over the world.

A nurse should have clarity on the instructions given to him or her, as the case may be. Always bear in mind that, as a nurse, you are responsible for the life of a patient and if there is any lapse or lack in clarity of instruction, then it might result in deterioration of the patient’s health and might sometimes lead to death, due to your negligence of lack of clarity. As such, a nurse should have a clarity or clear understanding on the instructions given by the superior authority, either the Registered Nurse or the physician attending the patient.

It is one of the duties of the nurse to go on rounds frequently to the wards where the patients are admitted. The nurse, while going on such rounds, should check each and every aspect thoroughly and meticulously. The nurse should ensure that the emergency button is placed within the reach of the patient such that the patient can alert the nurse about any problems. You should ensure that the records of the patient and the medication, dosage and frequency are clearly mentioned in the charge sheet and executed accordingly.

The nurse should not just limit the interaction with the patient by asking his or her name. As a nurse, you should have a good account or details of the patient and the problems such that he or she can provide the required attention. Frequent interaction with the patient and saying some confident words will boost the morale of the patient, which is very essential for early cure of the disease.

The nurse should always be conscious about hygiene and should ensure that he or she takes adequate precaution by washing hands cleanly, having gloves or other masks before giving treatment to the patient, so that the risk of infection is totally ruled out.

These basic procedures should be strictly followed by a nurse in course of his or her duty to the patients.

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