Essential qualities to succeed in nursing career

What differentiates an ordinary nurse from a Florence Nightingale or Mother Teresa?

Florence Nightingale, fondly remembered as the Lady with the Lamp, is the first person to have set the standards for nursing, and was responsible for raising the status and honor for this noble profession in her time. Mother Teresa, though not strictly a nurse, is the other name for love, affection, and relentless service to the poor and the needy persons.

If you aspire to raise yourself to such higher levels, then you should definitely be a nurse in the first instance. Because nursing is not just a professional career, but a vocation by itself in which compassion and kindness to help the patients and make an impact in their life gets the top priority.

Every successful nurse, who understands the patients and making a memorable impact in their lives, is, in one way or other, equivalent to a Florence Nightingale or a Mother Teresa.

Can that be achieved by a nurse?

Of course, it is definitely possible, provided the nurse has in him or her some essential qualities. These qualities, in their order of importance, include Dedication, Knowledge, Involvement and last, but not the least, Initiative.

It is but obvious that, the nurse has to face challenges on a daily basis. The challenges include trauma in the form of death of patient despite the best of efforts to save the life, complex cases, and other problems. The nurse will also get immense satisfaction if his or her service resulted in curing the patient and make an impact on the patient’s life. To face the challenges of both pain as well as pleasure in service, the nurse should have dedication and 100% commitment to the service.

The nurse should have thorough knowledge on the subject and should frequently update his or her knowledge that involves handling various innovative equipments and accessories that are part of the healthcare industry.

Involvement in the duties and Initiative to do things in a better way such that general care of the patient is ensured and also improved should also be part of the essential qualities of a nurse. If, in the profession, if nurse displays these essential qualities, then that nurse can definitely feel proud of becoming a successful nurse.

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