Five important things that should not be done while administering blood products

Administering blood products to a patient as per the instruction of the physician is one of the responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant or a qualified nurse.

The nurse has to ensure, before administering the product that he or she is administering the appropriate blood product to the correct patient and have also taken all necessary precautions required to be done.

More than doing the right procedure in a correct and orderly manner, it is the responsibility of the nurse to ensure that he or she does not do the following things.

  • Blood products should always be stored in cold places ranging in temperatures between 1oC and 6oC.  The nurse should ensure that after completing the prescribed dosage of blood infusion to the patient, the balance blood product or additional blood products brought from the blood bank are stored in the special storage products meant for storing blood products.  The nurse, by oversight or negligence, or pressure of work, should not store the blood products in ordinary nursing refrigerators.
  • The nurse should ensure that blood filter for administering blood is not used for more than 6 hours or as per the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • It might so happen that the blood products need to be administered urgently.  That should not tempt a nurse to warm the blood, for speedy transfusion, using a microwave oven or other means of heating.  Such heating of the blood might cause damage to cellular parts in the body.  Only specified categories of blood warmers should be used for warming the blood.
  • Once the blood administration process is completed, take the blood administration tubing out and destroy it.  The same tubing should not be used more than once.
  • The nurse should not discontinue the IV process if the patient develops some abnormal things during the process of blood infusion.

The nurse should ensure that the above mentioned things are kept in mind and should not be done while administering blood products to a patient.

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