Healthcare Reform Bill & Synopsis of Activities

Views of Ms. Rebecca Patton, President American Nurses Association:

Health Care reform is a very hot topic, which is on the tongue of top most politicians, bureaucrats in the Government governing aspects of health care in the US and members of the organizations responsible for providing health care to the US population. Ms. Rebecca Patton, President of the American Nurses Association addressed the nursing students and medical professionals at Ursuline College, Cleaveland during last week stressed the demand in the Healthcare Reforms is justified they should stand by it with full solidarity to get the reforms proposed accepted and implemented by the Government.

The role of nurses in Healthcare is very vital and all opportunities should be utilized in discussing Health Reforms highlighting its benefits to the General Public so that this movement meets it’s due success, because it is the nurses at the front, who finally deliver the healthcare.

The negative remarks from certain quarters make her remember the medicare period of 60’s, which at that time also witnessed negative remarks. The role of American Nurses Association can not be forgotten who supported the Medicare program to it’s success in 1963. At that time also there was similar negativism, and amidst such an opposing atmosphere Medicare took it’s shape and proved to be the first step towards socialized medicine system it survived the opposition attacks of criticism and became a mass movement benefiting the nation.

Views of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat:

Ms. Nancy Pelosi, stated that Congress by whatever time it thinks feasible should pass the Healthcare Reform bill. She further gave the possible manner of it’s implementation, which should be split in two parts. The first part is voting on the acceptance of the provisions of healthcare reform bill, which shall meet success because of the popularity it enjoys. The second part is overhauling of the system which exists. She accepted that there is lot of work to be done and her statement was very dramatic, forceful with a direction how to achieve overhauling of the system by all means with a very meaningful corollary if the Gates are open, we shall move through, if they are closed, we shall go over the fence, if the fence is high we shall adopt pole vault step, if pole vault does not work we shall use parachute and bring healthcare reforms to the American nation. We are very sure about it’s success eventually.

President Obama’s Views on healthcare Reforms:

President Obama stated at the State of Union Address that Job Creation is his first priority and at the same time he is not giving up Health Care System Reforms, which was previously at No.1 Priority. He also called upon Legislators to find a common platform, where they can meet and deliver to the American Nation Healthcare system Reforms. He asked the legislators to have a look at the reforms proposed by us with cool mind. He confirmed that there are very justified reasons, why the nurses and the medical profession are supporting this healthcare System reform.

The Supporting Democrats:

Just a week after the losing of a Massachusetts Senate seat, Democrats are now guessing about a method for moving forward on healthcare reform. There are discussions taking place within the party, who and how can support Healthcare reform.

The legislators now hope that Obama; shall be of considering making a plan before speaking at State Union’s address. It is felt the President shall emphasize importance of formulating a broad legislation similar to the one the House and Senate has already passed.

Democratic leader’s consensus is that the plan of House accepting the Senate bill, by both chambers agreeing to the legislation is going to settle most of differences among them.

The action plan requires the Senate to consider deploying a procedure known as reconciliation, which shall need only 51 votes in its favor for an advance. It all depends on how leaders behave and act at the voting.

President Obama has called upon legislators for devising a plan for coming together in the greater interest of completing the assignment keeping in mind need of the American people. President feels there is a justification, which keeping in mind majority of doctors and nurses; who are experts in   healthcare and have practical knowledge of our system intimately consider the legislation a great improvising step over the present status quo.

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