How to convert from one measurement to another measurement

Nurses have to make conversions from one type of measurement to another type of measurement while administering medication to a patient.  Typically, the need for conversions arises in two circumstances.

One is when the physician prescribes the dosage to be administered to the patient taking into account the nature and severity of the disease.  The second one is from the standard specification that comes from the manufacturer of the drugs.

The following tips can be used for making some conversions easier and quicker.

  • To convert a cup (c)  to milliliters (mL), then “c” should be multiplied by 240
  • To convert centimeter (cm) to millimeter (mm), multiply “cm” by 10.
  • To convert centimeter (cm) into inches (in), multiply “cm” by 0.394.
  • To convert dram (dr) to milliliter (mL), multiply “dr” by 4.
  • To convert gram (g) to grains (gr), multiply “g” by 15
  • To convert gram (g) to pound (lb), divide “g” by 454
  • To convert gram (g) to milligram (mg), multiply “g” by 1000
  • To convert grains (gr) to gram (g), multiply “gr” by 0.06
  • To convert grain (gr) to milligram (mg), multiply “gr” by 60
  • To convert inches (in) to centimeter (cm), multiply “in” by 2.54
  • To convert inches (in) to millimeter (mm), multiply “in” by 25.4
  • To convert kilogram (kg) to grams (g), multiply “kg” by 1000
  • To convert kilogram (kg) to pound (lb), multiply “kg” by 2.2
  • To convert pound (lb) to kilogram(kg), multiply “lb” by 0.45.
  • to convert pound (lb) to ounce (oz), multiply “lb” by 16
  • To convert milligram (mg) to gram (g), divide “mg” by 1000
  • To convert milliliter (mL) to ounce (oz), divide mL by 30.
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