Intervention Project for Nurses

The objective of IPN is to keep a guard on public health and safety required. This is done by, fast stepping in and doing intervention, if required. Thus keeping a secure watch, on the objectionable activities taking place in the profession of nurses affecting adversely delivering of their required services by indulging in alcohol or substance abuse.

The incidence requires advocacy of the nurse, who’s practicing gets impaired on account of abuse of alcohol and drugs or the mental or physical state of the nurse, does not permit continuance of her practice. IPN has the authorization by a Florida statue Chapter 464/455 for providing help to such nurses, whose practice gets deprived by the incidence.

IPN got established in 1983 by virtue of legislation in the interest of administering public health and safety through a program of keeping watch on nurses, whose practice is found unsafe by a number of factors mentioned above.

Objectives of the Program:

The program has been created as provided in Chapter 455.261 in interest of public health safety. Following are important objectives to be achieved through the program:

The program shall ensure that the nurses spotted shall be rehabilitated through therapeutic, without penalizing and confidential manner.

• It is to ensure that a chance is given for the nurse to be away from alcohol and drugs so that retention in the profession is considered.

• In order to make quick intervention to ensure the time taken is least in nurses’ acceptance of the trouble and his/her admission for recuperation.

• The intervention process requires temporary removal from practice till the IPN feels satisfied that he/she can safely resume practice.

• Make available economical and efficacious substitute in place of prevalent discipline enforcing measures.

• Creating networks spread through out state to refer nurses for necessary service.

• To make available consultation, for nurse managers, ensuring secrecy.

• IPN shall further observe

• Ensuring the consultation is held with proper secrecy.

• Necessary Evaluation of referral communications, for deciding, the necessary steps to be taken.

• Making available training required during intervention period.

• Making arrangement through out state for orientation programs, benefiting nursing employers, DOH/FBON, schools of nursing and all other interested parties.

• Doing evaluation/treating the affected nurse.

• Carrying on observations during treating period and after discharge.

• Coordination of observation activities in local area and IPN.

• Making available on-going advocacy to participating agencies DOH Board/Councils, employers/partners, insurance carriers, attorneys.

• Making arrangement, for Collecting Random urine sample of suspected individuals, for analysis to ensure fulfillment of the contract requirement.

• To keep an eye on IPN controlled Nurse Support Groups in entire Florida by keeping track of presence of participants at meetings and doing consultation among group facilitators and obtain feedback in respect of participant’s progress

• Detecting relapse case, and reporting for quick intervention steps.

• Reporting of disobedience, of participating persons to DOH for necessary action, in interest of public safety and careful handling.

• Managing on daily basis cases of entire active participants being monitored.

• Install a system for screening of applicants having impaired record and ensure Implementation govern IPN required details of all DOH Final Orders.

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