Josiah Macy Jr Foundation Enhancing Doctors-Nurses Education

Case Western Reserve University’s forthcoming students operated Saturday Free Clinic likely to be commence service in 2011 for the benefit of Cleveland’s poorly served people in addition to the services shall serve as training platform for nurses and doctors yet to be qualified during their education continuation giving them ac chance to become partners in patient health care. The Cleveland Free clinic shall be on the basis of cooperation between the doctor & Nursing students and community sharing the resources of the community.

The Clinic is under the project named “Inter-professional Learning Exchange and Development Program” (I-LEAD) situated at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine and Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, which are recipients of about $640,000 funds granted by Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation. The project satisfies the objectives of the foundation i.e. for improving education standards of health professionals keeping in view the public health standards improvement bringing noticeable changes in healthcare delivery programs.

The impression and feelings of Daniel Ornt., at the School of Medicine about the project are “The Grant funds shall be responsible to induce favorable changes in the healthcare practices besides creating services, the participating doctor and nursing students shall realize how professionals are thinking and functioning in various capacities and shall inculcate in them the virtues of team spirit.”

Ornt. and Patrica Underwood; shall be steering the project for duration of four years, besides Weatherhead School of Management shall be participating to carry out analytical work for the project and support the participating teams to get meaningful cooperation.

Underwood stated that there is necessity of creating an atmosphere where the nurses and doctors learn cooperating among each other as team members from their early education period resulting in desired changes in the healthcare delivery improving the healthcare quality.

The grant is based on the funds received by the University and is a step in the direction of forging together medical and nursing education. As pre-preparation the nursing and medical students have begun taking part to improve their communication capabilities in simulated conditions of interaction with patients in the seminars, so that they practice what they shall be doing?

Leading Healthcare organizations like World health Organization, National League of Nursing and Carnegie Foundation have called upon other organizations for increasing the inter-professional collaborative efforts to bring revolutionary changes in health care delivery in the future.
“Simply teaching inter-professional practice is not enough” it is felt by Underwood, The actual experience shall determine how and what they practice in real situations.

With the help of the granted funds the curriculum of the two related schools has been increased which shall offer favorable ground for exchanges between medical & nursing students. The objective of the Foundation and Case Western Reserve is for creating inter-professional cooperation oriented education models for implementing in other schools through out the country. The poorly served people of Cleveland shall be directly benefited by the doctors and nurses available to look after their acute and chronic health diseases besides learning concepts of healthy living and prevention of disease.

I-LEAD Program has five distinct parts, creating environment of realty based experiences within the school curriculum.
• When the group is small the experiences can be felt closely bringing nursing and medical students to find solutions participating jointly.
• Simulated patient conditions, besides other learning opportunity together for 2 to 4 hours helps in focusing at communication skill for enhancing patient safety and better outcomes.
• A community laboratory near Cleveland or in the school shall support the needs of promoting health and prevention of disease related to students studying in middle classes.
• Having Laboratory within the healthcare environment shall help the professional students experience simulated to the working of a general hospital and shall be useful to them, when they work in a general hospital.
• The students operated free clinic and laboratory having association with their respective schools within this project shall be among few such laboratories existing in the country.

The Project is part of a national movement with the objective of laying foundation of improvement oriented changes in healthcare of the past through doctor and nursing students.

“All the patients and their relatives shall have the advantage of the changes being attempted” as Stated by Underwood.

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