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An ideal nursing leader could either be a nurse manager appointed to handle the entire nursing unit or simple a nurse executive responsible for patient care especially pre and post operated. In either of the cases, a successful and effectual nurse leader ideally boasts a repertoire of leader’s characters that the nurse would employ as per the situations being faced without losing the temper and voiding organization’s rules and regulations. If you are looking for sharpening leadership skills in nursing, here is the way to go…

What does Leadership in Nursing Require?

Once you graduate from any authentic nursing academy and gains Registered Nurse (RN) license, it is better to possess some fundamental leadership skills that are to be applied directly to the patients.

You would become proficient as you get more experience that would advances you in your designation. But bear it, with promotion, you got to face a lot of more responsibilities and that requires learning more on leadership. There are plenty of modules available on nursing leadership in medical colleges and universities etc. Also, you can seek such leadership courses in large public and private health care centers or hospitals.

It is very essential for you to seek advice, learning, and coaching from some senior nurse leader who can get you honest feedback and experience inputs regarding nursing leadership.

What are the types of Nursing Leadership?

Though there is no classification for nursing leadership but broadly, we can divide it into two major types of fundamental nursing leadership styles/types –democratic and despotic. These styles can further be divided into subcategories. For example, a democratically tended nurse leader would engage the team in decision-making and allow carrying out the work in own i.e. independent way. On the other hand, a directive despot may provide some instructions without seeking inputs and supervise the team in a close edge.

Some Thoughtfulness of Styles in Nursing Leadership

A true nurse leader can change the leadership style as per the demand of issues. Nevertheless, it also depends upon the age and expertise of the nurses that work for an organization. There could be several examples where veterans may love to share their hard-gained expertise with fresher recruited for responsible positions.

It is also good for younger and less-experienced nurses to gain expertise by closely supervising activities performed by seniors and asking them their sufficient guidance and feedback. Nursing has trended toward an excellent model of management that includes nurses in any decision-making in health care centers.

You can also follow some nursing leadership model and can employ a democratic kind of style to lead the team. You can also motivate and encourage other nurses to actively participate and indulge in medical decision making activities without compromising the monitoring/care of patients.

As said before, this could be an essence about the leadership in nursing, nevertheless, an ideal nurse manager or leader can change the protocol according to situation and other staff employed under him or her. The style might also require alteration as per instructed by the authorities.

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